The Best Truck Bed Tent

Camping is excellent fun however the pests and debris that include it could make the knowledge less pleasant. Nevertheless, using a cargo area tent will lift you off the bottom and is in an easier way to set up compared with the choice rooftop tent .

The very best truck tent may be the Kodiak Canvas Tent , which really is a tunnel designed and includes a tailgate style to broaden the useful space and a supplementary tall 5 foot ceiling elevation.

Perhaps one of the most essential steps in investing in a cargo area tent is normally to make sure that you buy the appropriate size . Measurements are necessary but the most vehicle tents are general to a certain extent and suitable for a variety of standard truck mattresses.

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Best Truck Bed Tent

The size of a pickup truck tent is definitely probably one of the most important factors as being larger usually means that it will be more comfortable. Many come with a range of sizes and the design can further increase the size by sitting within the bed from the truck.

There's a wide selection of vehicle tent styles and people will choose specific types of features . For instance, additional windows for the view is an appealing feature but others may prefer even more privacy and a far more simplistic style.

They aren't the least expensive of purchases and its own important that you get the tent that fits your requirements. Below is a list of the best truck bed tents that are easy to install and lift you from the ground away from the insects and debris.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

The Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent is the best truck bed tent on the market and sticks out because of its impressive resilience and innovative structure.

This tent was created to actually maximize the area obtainable in your cargo area. It really is five foot tall for the roomier experience looked after extends slightly over the end of the bed to make it feel longer. It also has five windows, which provide great ventilation and light while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views around you.

The Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent is made from a durable cotton duck canvas that is completely watertight while still being breathable. It also has a covered entry that allows rain to movement off the very best easily.

Mounting the Kodiak Canvas tent is easy, with a metal tube body that clamps on your car. In addition, it stays on extremely securely, which means you don’t need to get worried about the tent shifting throughout the evening. General, the Kodiak Canvas cargo area tent provides excellent quality and is a superb purchase for the significant camper.

Rightline Gear Regular Vehicle Tent

If you're seeking to get the greatest value for your money , the Rightline Gear regular cargo area tent is a superb buy. It will come in multiple sizes to suit your vehicle, but all versions comfortably rest two adults.

The setup process is very simple , and you don’t even need to clean out your truck bed to get everything installed. It uses solid straps to keep everything attached to your truck without any damage or scratching.

The Rightline Gear standard truck bed tent is totally water-resistant and uses tape covered seams to maintain water and particles out. In addition, it includes a rainfly, which means you may use this tent whatever the climate outside. This cargo area tent provides really great quality, but in comparison to various other tents of equivalent worth, it won’t break your budget.

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Sportz PICKUP Tent

The Sportz vehicle tent sticks out from its competition due to its sewn in floor , which provides extra comfort and ease and support. It also keeps rain and debris out more effectively. On top of this, there is an access panel that connects to the cab from the vehicle, providing a lot more room and storage space.

With regards to features, there's a protected entry door, two aspect windows and a lot of venting panels that produce the tent experience large. The 5.6 feet elevation also allows for more breathing space inside.

The Sportz pickup truck tent is also very easy to set up. The awning on the top of the entranceway is secured towards the bed from the pickup truck , and that means you don’t need to fuss around with ropes while establishing issues up. Everything can be color coded, therefore even though you are establishing everything up for the very first time, it’s easy to comprehend. The unique style of this pickup truck tent helps it be a great buy that stands out from the pack.

Napier Backroads Truck Tent

This huge tent is excellent for campers that want a bit more space when they’re out in the wild. There’s a sewn in floor and large tent area that sits on the ground next towards the truck, and there’s a bedroom that sits on the bed from the truck.

The Napier Backroads can be one of the better if you need a great look at , with four large windows all over the tent to help you to actually experience the character around you.

The Napier Backroads tent works well in most weather situations (with the exception of snow). It has a full rainfly to prevent moisture from getting in, and it is waterproof as well. Everything is easy to set up, and because the bulk of the tent is set up outside of the pickup truck, you don’t need to fuss with ropes and ties . The Napier Backroads tent is quite durable and includes a one-year guarantee for satisfaction.

Guidebook Gear Total Size Vehicle Tent

If you're searching for an inexpensive vehicle tent that still provides great worth, the Information Gear complete size vehicle tent is a superb choice. It includes a sewn in flooring for extra comfort and ease, as well as a 5.25 foot height for extra room and comfort.

The Guideline Gear Truck Bed Tent has the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to carry around , so you can set it up in just a few minutes. It has a large door, two windows, and two storage pouches for extra convenience and a more enjoyable camping experience.

It also comes with a rainfly to keep you dry in wet weather and sleeps two people. It secures to your truck quickly and it is ideal for the first-time vehicle tent camper that want to get a cargo area tent on a spending budget.

CARGO AREA Tent Buying Information

Cargo area tents are an unbelievable innovation in the wonderful world of camping and outdoor sports activities. They enable you to stay convenient and use your automobile efficiently while from the street.

In the event that you haven’t however tried a cargo area tent, it’s an excellent investment which will make your outdoor moves easier and more pleasurable. With the latest trend of vehicle tents camping getting so popular, there are several brands releasing truck bed tents.

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Here’s what you should look for when shopping to ensure you find the perfect tent for your needs.


The first thing to consider when shopping for your truck bed tent is the size of the product. Every pickup truck model is definitely a different size, so you’ll want something that suits the sizes of your vehicle. Of course, the greater space you possess, the convenient you will be, so generally, a more substantial tent is way better. It's also advisable to focus on just how many people the tent can easily sleep. Generally, cargo area tents can rest at least two different people.


Another essential consideration to create when searching for a cargo area tent may be the materials the tent is manufactured out of. The tent ought to be made using a durable material that can withstand the natural wear and tear of touring and camping.

The material should also protect against wind and water to keep you safe from your elements. Canvas is an excellent tent material, because it naturally provides these features.

However, it is typically more expensive than coated plastic, which is definitely another popular truck bed tent material. A plastic works just as well when it’s been treated for waterproofing, but may not last quite as long.

Doors and Windows

Truck bed tents typically have several doors and windows to provide ventilation as well as better access and view. The size and placement of the doors and windows are helpful to look at when choosing a truck bed tent.


A large door makes the tent simple to enter and out of, and home windows provide excellent air flow in the summertime. It’s also wonderful to be able to see out, particularly when you are camping in a beautiful location. However, you may want some privacy while you are camping as well. Many doors and windows zip open or closed to provide this.


Each truck tent has a different layout, and the one you choose will ultimately depend on your own preferences. Some tents have features that stick off the end of the truck bed to provide more room, while some have an increased ceiling but smaller sized floor region.

Eventually, the layout you select is your decision, as you can find benefits and drawbacks to any style, but it’s beneficial to get a concept of it prior to making a buy.

Easy Set up

When you finally achieve your camping destination, the very last thing you should do is certainly fuss around with challenging structures and ties. An excellent truck tent ought to be fast and simple to set up, with simple instructions included with your purchase. The setup should be intuitive to understand, and you should be able to do it in minutes once you get the hang of it.

Quality of Frame

A good tent frame is made of light but durable materials that can withstand the elements without being too difficult to carry. Popular frame materials in order of their weight include fiberglass, aluminum, and steel.

Generally, light weight aluminum provides the greatest middle surface between light-weight and long lasting. Fiberglass poles have become easy to carry around and move, but won’t become very resistant to wind. Steel poles stay in place in difficult weather, but are very heavy.

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You’ll also need to look at the layout of the frame and how it attaches to the back of your pickup truck. It shouldn’t leave any scrapes or dents on your truck whatsoever.

Sewn-in Ground

One feature that many tents are now beginning to include is normally a sewn-in flooring. This makes camping over the bed of the truck a lot more comfy and protected. A sewn-in flooring prevents water, pests, and particles from getting back in, and it provides an extra level of fabric for ease and comfort. Although not absolutely all tents have this feature yet, it’s a good one to look out for when you are doing your buying.


The purpose of a tent is definitely to provide shelter from your elements, so any good tent should be able to help you stay sheltered from your rain. Furthermore to waterproof materials, it's also advisable to search for tents which have rainflys and awnings, which enable water to stream off the roofing and from the tent, keeping you dried out. The seams from the tent also needs to be totally watertight to avoid anything from seeping in.


Cargo area tents are attached to your car using straps, and the quality of the straps is definitely something to look at when buying. A solid but stretchy rope or wire will keep your tent securely attached to your car. You should also look at how many straps are available and where they lock on your car to get an idea of how the setup process is going to work and how durable they will be.

Cab Access Panel

A distinctive feature to consider if you want convenience may be the cab gain access to -panel, which many cargo area tents are actually starting to consist of. This enables you for connecting your tent to leading of your vehicle through the back window. The cab access panel is excellent if you need extra storage or simply want to grab something from the front of your car without having to go around.

Storage Pockets

Finally, many truck bed tents come with zip-up storage pockets for your comfort. They are great areas to keep crisis items, such as a first aid package or extra camping equipment, in the event something happens. An excellent storage pocket continues things easy to get at when you are out on the street.

Bottom line

Cargo area camping is an enormous new trend in the outdoor sports world, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to invest in a truck bed tent. A good truck bed tent provides unique convenience and comfort that you wouldn’t get from a normal tent, while still being durable and keeping you secure outside. These tents are an purchase piece that are worthwhile for the enthusiastic camper.

The Kodiak Canvas may be the greatest truck tent available on the market. The excellent canvas materials provides venting and security against both blowing wind and water. In addition, it is manufactured using steel tubes that won’t budge even in the toughest weather. The unique design provides plenty of space as well, so you can really relax and enjoy your camping trip.

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