The Best Shop Vac (Review & Buying Guide)

Shield All Utility Damp/Dry Vacuum

Ridgid Damp/Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac All-In-One Damp And Dry Vac

You may or may not already know, but a Shop-Vac ® is an original brand of damp and dry vacuum cleaners which are heavy-duty and frequently used specifically to completely clean up shops or areas that are especially challenging. Currently, you will see the name utilized to describe any type of vacuum cleaner which is normally damp and dry. You can recognize a shop vac by its bucket-shaped body, high-powered suction and generally, its bulkier appearance.

Shop Vacs are used in a variety of different situations but are seen as the ideal remedy for woodworking areas, building sites, and shop floors. These beasts are different from your average vacuum, in that they are capable of sucking up debris such as nails, wood chippings, and screws. The best shop vac will be able to deal with wet messes too. This type of wet and dry vacuum cleaner does not mess around.

There are many advantages to running a store vac, however, for the best available on the market could be a intimidating task as you can find literally hundreds available on the market, declaring to be the best. We’ve taken the hard work away from you, so you no longer have to trawl through shop vac reviews and still feel confused. Right here you will find a summary of the most effective store vacs we’ve on the marketplace and we’ll tell you why we believe they make a great choice.

You are able to thank us later on.


This shop vac is especially good for using inside a car as it’s been designed to grab both moist and dry particles. The great thing about this specific model is it even includes the right kind of accessories necessary for vehicles and motorcycles. We discovered that one of the most impressive features is that the vacuum can be converted so that it can blow, which is fantastic for removing dust and debris from your vehicle as well as drying your car grills and wheels.

The Armor All Utility Wet/Dry Vacs are perfect for cleaning both wet and dry spillages. The operation of the vacuum is usually quiet too as the system has an air and noise diffuser.

This is a powerful little beast. The tiny shop vac includes a 2 hp motor which immediately shuts off when it detects the fact that tank is complete.

Pretty good for large areas, the vac includes a 10ft cable with cover and six-foot line. For vehicles is usually has a deluxe car nozzle, blower nozzle and detail brush too. Never have we been so excited to vacuum a car before now!

Wet & Dry Cleaning

Specific Car Accessories

Two Year Warranty

  • Brand ArmorAll
  • Model AA255
  • Excess weight 7 lbs
  • Cord Length 10ft
  • Hose Length 6ft
  • Motor Power 2 Hp Motor
  • Contains Auto-Shut Off Feature

This Vacmaster store vac is normally highly regarded among the best available on the market. Whether you are interested in a store vac, car vac or simply maybe a value moist and dry vac, after that we believe that this is a good option. For one thing, this product is definitely versatile. The Vacmaster actually comes with two extension wands, specific car nozzle for those hard-to-reach locations and a utility nozzle too. If that wasn’t more than enough the vacuum also offers a completely detachable blower with an astounding blowing quickness of 240mph!

Not really a small store vac, the product includes a 12ft cable and extensions, therefore is fantastic for bigger spaces too. Ideal for both damp and dried out clean-ups, this vacuum would make a fantastic choice for those buying good all-rounder item, perfect for offices, shops, and workshops.

Damp & Dry Washing

Quick Launch Detachable Blower With 240mph Acceleration

IMMENSE Drain Port

Balanced Top Handle Design and On/Off Dust Sealed Switch

Two Year Warranty

  • Brand Vacmaster
  • Model VBV1210
  • Weight 24.4 lbs
  • Cord Length 12ft
  • Hose Length 7ft
  • Tank 12 Gallon Tank
  • Includes Air/Noise Diffuser

Possibly, one of the most compact shop vacs on our list. The Craftsman 12004 would make a good choice for those looking for a small shop vac or powerful vacuum for the home. The powerful peak HP motor means that regardless of its size, this vac can be powerful enough for some wet and dried out clean-ups. It’s also not tiny when comparing it to the average vacuum, as the container can gather up to six gallons of water.

Another convenient feature of the shop vac, can be its convenient blower. The merchandise includes a nifty capability to convert right into a effective blower which really is a actually useful device for leaf removal or general particles in a store.

Using a 10ft cable and 7ft line, this vac includes a total 17ft reach which is certainly large enough for just about any home and most shops without the need for an extension.

This is a great little piece of equipment for cleaning up gardening messes, tidying up your shop or tackling small to medium cleaning jobs.

3 Peak HP Motor

Wet & Dry Cleaning

17ft Total Cleaning Reach

Coverts to Blower

  • Brand Yesker
  • Model 1
  • Weight 15 lbs
  • Cord Length 10ft
  • Hose Length 7ft
  • Tank 6 Gallon Tank
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Some people say that there’s absolutely no comparison between a Store Vac, Rigid Store Vac, Craftsman Store Vac and a Vacmaster but we believe all possess their own unique benefits. There is no doubt, however, that this vacuum provides some severe hp (4.5 Peak Hp Electric motor) and a good selection of features.

The product has been made out of heavy-duty cleaning at heart. With a durable stainless body, powerful electric motor and moist and dry-ability, it’s ideal for the home, work environment or workshop. It’s also ideal for the car since it features a helpful range of components that may be nicely stored over the vacuum body.

One of many selling points of the particular product may be the fact that it has a full circumference dolly – but what on earth does that mean? Nothing to do with big toys, a full circumference dolly refers to the shape of the tank and makes the vacuum better to maneuver.

Easy to use and powerful, this is how we would summarise this Shop Vac.

Damp & Dry Cleaning

Wide Range of Add-ons Included

  • Brand Shop-Vac
  • Model 5989300
  • Excess weight 15 lbs
  • Hose Size 7ft
  • Engine Power 4.5 Peak Horsepower
  • Tank 5 Gallon Tank

We like this Stanley damp and dry vacuum as it has a light-weight and compact style which is simple to carry as well as easier to shop. The body from the vacuum provides four swivel casters which offer fine maneuverability and makes vacuuming smaller sized rooms an easy task.

This four-gallon store vac doesn’t cut sides with regards to power. Providing a four hp motor, you’re likely to obtain great suction power with regards to clearing up those damp and dried out spillages.

The Stanley store vac includes several handy add-ons too to get to those hard-to-reach areas. You’ll find that this vacuum offers multiple uses and would be ideal for car cleaning, offices, shops, and the house.

Light-weight & Compact Style

Damp & Dry Washing

Swivel Casters For Better Maneuverability

  • Brand Stanley
  • Model SL18129
  • Pounds 8 pounds
  • Engine Power 4 Hp
  • Container 4 Gallon Container

If you’re searching to discover the best wet dry vac then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option than this Vacmaster. It’s a versatile piece of equipment, in that it can handle both wet and dry cleaning and with a not-so-small six-gallon tank, can hold a whole lot of particles before it requires emptying.

The addition of a 12ft cable and 7ft line implies that this vacuum isn’t likely to timid away in huge spaces. The package includes two expansion wands too, for those tough areas that are usually tricky to attain.

Occasionally it’s the tiny things that count and with this vacuum, we really like the fact that this accessories can be stored onboard – meaning you’ll never have to look for those essential smaller pieces ever again. If you’re thinking what the smaller pieces are for then we can tell you that with this kit, you’ll have completely everything you need for hard floors, carpets, walls, car interiors, and restricted crevices. When you have a backyard or tree inside your lawn, you’ll be pleased to hear the fact that vacuum could be used being a blower as well, which means you can eliminate those hemorrhoids of inactive leaves in a few minutes.

The Vacmaster includes a weather-resistant style and includes a two-year warranty as well.

Weather Resistant Design

Dust Sealed Switch and Top Handle

Damp & Dry Cleaning

Two Year Warranty

  • Brand Vacmaster
  • Model VQ607SFD
  • Excess weight 16.2 lbs
  • Cord Size 12ft
  • Hose Size 7ft
  • Engine Power 3 Horsepower Motor
  • Tank 6 Gallon Tank

If you’re looking for a professional wet dry vac that’ll be able to handle small to moderate jobs after that this DeWalt vacuum could just be the one for you personally. It’s portable, but nonetheless sturdy enough, using a six-gallon container to absorb any workshop or car spillages.

The DeWalt model offers a effective cleaning alternative for your company or house with a not-so-modest four hp motor. The store vac also has a built-in blower interface that may blow particles and sawdust from any workshop aswell as leaves from a lawn.

We constantly favor a vacuum with casters such as this model, which has ultra durable and rubberized caster wheels which allow clean swiveling and for that reason a soft vacuuming experience. This may make such a notable difference when you yourself have limited areas to navigate on a daily basis.

Wet & Dry Cleaning

Ultra Durable, Rubberized Casters

Built-In Blower Port

  • Brand DEWALT
  • Model DXV06P
  • Weight 14.77 lbs
  • Cord Length 10ft
  • Motor Power 4 Horsepower
  • Tank 6 Gallon Tank

Most of the vacuums on our list have been pretty hefty in size and we understand that not everyone who is looking for a shop vac is necessarily looking for the largest. Sometimes, the space in your own home might not allow for a big machine or you will possibly not want something therefore heavy and troublesome to use.

That’s where we bring in you towards the 1.5-gallon Store Vac, the very best mini shop vac we’ve observed in a while. It might be small in proportions, however the vac still packages a punch, providing 2 peak hp motor believe it or not. It’s also wall structure mountable, very easy to keep kept, and silently operating as well.

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Simple to make use of, the mini store vac comes with an attached dolly with easy roll casters for, ease of use.

As it’s a wet and dry vac, you’ll never be at a loss again when your washing machine decides to flood or your dog knocks over your water.

If that isn’t enough, the Shop Vac comes with a three-year in-house warranty for extra security.

Wet & Dry Washing

Best Carry Deal with

  • Brand Shop-Vac
  • Model 5895100
  • Fat 10.4 lbs
  • Electric motor Power 2 Hp
  • Container 1.5 Gallon Tank

This store vac means overall business. Where in fact the previous vac was perfect for small jobs around the home, this is the complete reverse; this machine can take on much bigger careers. This vacuum has a high capacity for spillages and debris and boasts the largest tank on our list…an impressive 16 gallons. In fact, it’s the most powerful WORKSHOP vacuum cleaner on the line, having a 6.5 peak horsepower motor. This beast can grab 1 gallon of drinking water per second. That’s the quickest we’ve ever noticed anyone have a drink!

The store vac is ideal in a specialist capability as it’s also constructed for simplicity and speed. Firstly, there is a Qwik Lock Filtering System which allows fast damp and dry vacuum filter changes. Secondly, there is a large drain slot located at the base from the vacuum, which means you can easily unfilled moist mess. Finally, the WORKSHOP store vac also has an integrated blowing interface which allows an individual to blow undesired debris in the workspace, house or garage. This may also be utilized on driveways and yards, to clear away leaves.

The vacuum is also covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System

Accessory Storage On The Vacuum

Integrated Blowing Port

Largest Capacity On The Line

5 Year Warranty

  • Brand Emerson
  • Model WS1600VA
  • Weight 23.4 lbs
  • Hose Length 7ft
  • Cord Length 20ft
  • Motor Power 6.5 Peak Horsepower
  • Container 16 Gallon Container

Another great choice for all those buying powerful damp and dried out vacuum cleaner that may handle big careers. This Ridgid store vac has a six hp motor and an extraordinary 14-gallon tank. A very important factor that we enjoy concerning this vacuum, can be that also includes a good dust filter which is perfect for picking up dry materials and small amounts of liquid too.

This is a versatile vacuum, perfect for workshops and garages. It features a 20ft cord and a quick release accessory storage bag that may keep your important vacuum accessories near hand but conveniently detachable for easy drum emptying. The cable can easily end up being wrapped throughout the carry deal with, which is helpful as this halts the wire from tangling.

That is a high-performance vac using a neat little noise reduction feature which keeps the vacuum silent, whilst operating the circulation of air flow. It’s also been equipped with a powerful exhaust airstream which can be used to blow debris from decks and garages, as well as remove leaves from your garden. As with all the others, this vacuum also comes with a full set of accessories, which can make complicated vacuuming tasks, very much, much easier.

Damp & Dry Cleaning

Quick-Release Accessory Storage Bag

  • Brand Ridgid
  • Model 18718
  • Excess weight 25 lbs
  • Cord Size 20ft Wire
  • Hose Size 7ft
  • Engine Power 6 Horsepower
  • Container 14 Gallon Container

Best Store Vac Buying Instruction & FAQ

Our important buying guide can look at the sort of features you will need to look at when considering a new shop vac. We will then look at the most commonly asked questions about shop vacs before giving you our verdict on what we believe was the best on our list.

Features to Consider When Buying a Wet Dry Vac

Before you go ahead and order a shop vac you’ll need to look at the features in order to determine your specific requirements and if the merchandise fits them.

They are a number of the essential features you should consider:

Size – If you’re only buying small store vac for your house and backyard after that there’s very little stage in buying an industrial-sized beast using a six hp motor. Firstly, take a look at your personal specifics. If you want a sturdy store vac for your workshop or shop then considering a larger, better vac may be sensible.

The Best Shop Vac (Review & Buying Guide)

Who’ll be making use of your store vac?

Have a look at the pounds from the vacuum please remember this can be heavier when complete! If this vac is perfect for your 80-year-old grandma, possibly the 16-gallon container isn’t the best option?

Integrated Blower Slot – can be this something you really need? Could you sacrifice this for a cheaper option? If you are planning to use this for your garden or need debris moved from your workspace, then an integrated blower port will definitely come in handy.

Accessories – what are you going to be using the store vac for? If the primary reason for the vacuum is by using it for your vehicle then choose a store vac with intensive car add-ons. If you want it for your garage at home and the garden then opt for the integrated blower port. Take a look at the accessories and apply them to your demands. Some shop vacs don’t possess great components for carpets, therefore take this under consideration before you get.

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Ease of Use – again, look at the excess weight and size of the vacuum with regards to who is utilizing it and what it’s likely to be utilized for. Could it be easy to unfilled? Some store vacs possess features such as for example drain slots for easy emptying. Does it have handles? Can it be easily stored?

Warranty – we would always prefer to choose a vacuum that includes a decent warranty. Better to be safe than sorry.

Benefits of Using a Moist and Dry out Vacuum

Not really everyone requires a moist and dried out vacuum but a lot of people could certainly reap the benefits of one. We can’t let you know how helpful it is to use a vacuum which can easily pick up nails, screws, and bits of razor-sharp debris without obstructing the filter. Not to mention how great it is to have a vacuum that can clean apart spillages in a few minutes.

Having another blower port is normally super handy as well, as not only can you utilize it to blow apart larger debris such as for example workshop components and leaves nevertheless, you can also utilize it to dried out your vehicle after washing also to remove persistent dirt in the tires.

Wet Vac Uses

Leaking washing machine? Not a problem with a wet and dry vacuum. Spillages on the floor? Easy peasy. A wet vac will sort these problems out in no time at all. Some of the vacuums on this list are that powerful they can drink up to 1 1 gallon of water per second. Think that how useful that may be in an commercial capacity.

How exactly to Clean a Store Vac Filtration system

The just type of filtration system you could clean can be a reusable dried out filtration system. These could be rinsed and used again. To completely clean your Store Vac filter you will first need to remove the filter, rinse with water until it runs clear and leaves to dry, completely, before inserting it back into the machine.

The Best Shop Vac (Review & Buying Guide)

Best Shop Vac FAQ:

Q: Why does my Shop-Vac® moist dry vac blow dust back into my room?

A: There are several reasons why dust could be blowing back into the room. Normally this is due to a hole in the filter, a problem with the installation of the filtration system or the dirt being too great for the filtration system to fully capture.

Q: Which filtration system should I make use of for moist pickup?

A: You need to use a foam sleeve for the wet grab and with some versions, you can include yet another tear-resistant wet-dry collection handbag, as often whenever a shop vac picks up water, it’s also picking up sharp debris like stone and glass.

Q: Why is my vacuum losing suction power?

A: You will find many reasons why a vacuum may drop its suction power, but the most common culprit is an obstruction in the airflow. Have a look at the line, stretch out it out and you may put a broom deal with to free of charge any blockages. Is certainly anything stuck inside the vacuum mind? Take a peek and remove anything making a stop. If that doesn’t help after that remove the filter systems, dry and clean before changing.

Q: How do i use a store vac being a blower?

A: Store vacs change from model to model rather than everyone functions in a similar way. But generally speaking, if you want to use your shop vac like a blower, then you’ll first need to pull the latches back on the side and lift off the top of the machine. The next stage is to remove the handbag and filtration system, shut the cover and snap the latches back place. Finally, take away the line from leading suction interface and locate the exhaust interface (normally bought at the very best). Protected the line into the interface and you’re all set!

The Best Shop Vac (Review & Buying Guide)

Our Best Go with

Well known store vac was quickly the Shield Utility Damp & Dry out Vacuum AA255 . We loved this specific vacuum because we experienced it offered excellent affordability and provided enough horsepower for small to medium jobs. The shop vac came with a good selection of accessories (particularly good for car cleaning) and could easily be converted to blow. Which as we all now know, is a brilliant useful device for particles removal.

Effective and relatively little, this store vac would make a fantastic choice for households buying vacuum which can be more powerful than your typical Henry! You won’t need to be concerned about particles clogging in the filter systems, this machine has been built to last.

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