The Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers (Review)

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Lightweight Gps navigation Tracker

AMERICALOC Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

MotoSafety GPS Tracker Device

Motorcycles come with many advantages. Not only do they have great manoeuvrability, but their fuel consumption is also much lower than that of a car. However, most often, their advantages tend to be the same disadvantages, making them highly susceptible to theft. Realistically speaking, nothing stands in the way of a robber attempting to take possession of your motorcycle. For motorcycle owners, theft and many additional vices will be the traveling makes behind the advancement of the greatest motorcycle Gps navigation tracking devices. Created for the unthinkable, Gps navigation trackers exist to greatly help us locate our automobiles when they’re taken, or merely for assistance with keeping tabs on the driver’s location. Today we have selected ten of the best motorcycle GPS trackers currently on the market, from which you may find one of your choices.

The Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker

First on our list is the Spy Tec STI GL300 GPS Tracker. This motorcycle Gps navigation tracker may be the best available on the market since it provides users with notifications regardless of the situation. Even though your truck movements from its car parking place, the STI GL300 offers you covered. It could be carried across various places easily, slips swiftly into your backpack and can attach itself to your belt or motorcycle. Use this tracker in conjunction with the internet and have the power to track and map your belongings instantly, because of Google Maps. This cutting-edge tracker is certainly supported by SpyTec, a worldwide leader in customer and enterprise Gps navigation tracking since the early 2000s. The location of your asset, relative or vehicle is usually updated every five seconds making this device one offers users with real-time peace of mind.

Apart from knowing the location of your vehicle, several other fascinating things can be done with it. This device also makes a great spy gear. Its compact size makes it ideal for tracking assets, teens, elderly people, spouses who ‘function past due’ and automobiles. Place this devices anywhere in your automobile, and it’ll screen a map of all side travels your son made a decision to perform after school. That is an exceptional device that protects you and the items or people you like from a possibly dangerous circumstance.

Small size will go anywhere

Attaches to automobile or belt

Put in backpack

No activation or cancellation costs

  • Brand Spy Tec
  • Model GPS-GL200
  • Fat 8 ounces

If you thought the STI GL300 was the best we could come up with, think again! Meet the Americaloc GL300W GPS tracker. This tracking device is definitely no regular one and doesn’t use the outdated version of 2G. A new version with an upgrade higher than 2G, that is a little and compact motorbike tracker. Just like its predecessor, it could be mounted on anything and anyone, from possessions to family, automobiles, employees, etc. it is incredibly lightweight and portable and may be transferred in the comfort and ease of your pocket, car, instances, backpacks and boxes.

Upon purchase, you are given a fully charged tracking device that is ready to hit the road and operate. It also features a rechargeable battery and a full year’s well worth of historic data memory. While you can configure and pull custom areas, the GL300W by default detects occasions such as car parking, movement, gadget on/off, speeding, low electric battery, amongst others. This motorbike tracker offers one of its unique features being its ability to help you configure your email notifications for specific events. A purchase comes with an installed sim card, a tracker, activation instructions and a wall charger. For international tracking and detection in areas such as Canada, the USA and Europe, users are provided with a international card. Make use of your phones, pc or tablet to monitor your gadget, and make sure that there’s nothing at all in the middle of your tracker as well as the open up sky.

1-minute area updates

Small and little

  • Model GL300XW
  • Pounds 2.24 ounces

Built with a 3G Gps navigation assistance locator, the Motosafety Gps navigation Tracker can be a tracking gadget that makes usage of Google Maps to monitor all traveling activity with 100% precision. Having a $19.99 monthly subscription, users are given with a dynamic nationwide 3G service which enables them to keep track of their recommended vehicles. The positioning of the asset is up to date every minute, though custom periods can be done at a fee. This motorcycle tracking device works excellently in Mexico, Canada and the USA and makes use of free GPS tracking mobile apps to provide you with real-time updates via text message alerts. Receive alerts on events such as traffic, location, velocity, direction and many other with the Motosafety tracker device.

To know when your vehicle is being used after curfew hours, simply set up custom made geofences around important locations such as for example your house, your children’s college or the house of a pal. You can even use the Gps navigation tracking feature to examine any previous generating routes. When you have a teen drivers in your house, you can make use of this Gps navigation tracker device to supply them with a thorough driving course and in addition present them with generating report credit cards that rating their safe generating habits such as for example harsh braking, speeding and quick acceleration. All these studies are done to ensure that your teen driver’s driving skills are improved significantly.

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US, Canada, and Mexico

nationwide 3G car tracking coverage

  • Brand MotoSafety
  • Model MPVAS1
  • Excess weight 2.08 ounces

The best motorcycle GPS tracker should be able to help you keep tabs on the location of your valuable no matter the situation. And with the Linxup GPS Tracker device, following your products has never been less complicated. Using the easy-to-operate Google Maps user interface, you’ll find and stick to your belongings quickly and receive notifications immediately when it’s on the road, or it adjustments direction. When you have any apparatus inside the confines of a location, you are able to utilise the geofences feature to monitor it in the event anything gets into the defined region, or your asset can be moved through the same place. Save your valuable property through the hands from the theif with this tracker gadget. Even if indeed they manage to access your belongings, don’t allow them walk off with out a battle. Recover your dropped or stolen products quickly using the Linxup GPS tracker.

The Linxup tracker device updates every ten minutes, providing the user with notifications every time there’s a change in movement or direction of their asset. It also features an anti-theft device that is meant to monitor vehicle maintenance, area, engine hours and so many more. To use the tracker’s program, users have to join a once a month airtime subscription, that will add a limited three-year program. This motorbike tracker is certainly a powerful device to greatly help improve your efficiency and efficiency through the elimination of handwritten maintenance logs, yard checks and strenuous billing procedures. All these and more can help you spend more time around the growth of your business by streamlining your back office work.

Internal battery and wiring funnel

improvements every ten minutes

easy-to-use Google Maps user interface

Discrete anti-theft gadget

  • Brand Linxup
  • Model LAAA31
  • Pounds 4 oz .

Looking for the perfect Gps navigation tracking device? One which doesn’t need any activation or cancellation fees, with no contracts being signed? One that provides you with unlimited GPS location updates of your asset via SMS and email alerts? Then look no further, Amcrest has developed the best tracker, the Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 tracker for all kinds of vehicles. Compact and small in size, this device very easily fits into the palm of the hand and will be transported all over the place through any mass media such as for example your back pack, pocket or handbag. It lets you identify the basic safety of your automobile by monitoring its movement when they begin. Using the geofences feature similar to the gadgets listed earlier, you are able to set up described limitations, beyond which your automobile cannot mix.

With a surgical procedure life as high as 10 days once fully charged, the AM GL300 V3 tracker device offers superb mapping services with satellite, map and cross views. The best feature this motorbike GPS tracker possesses is the truth that it can be used to track anything. It may be your pet, a family member or yourself. Monitor anything from any area, and make use of your Mac, Computer or smartphone to gain access to all your reviews. You can even talk about the links of the item’s area with relatives and buddies to maintain them up to date.

on Google Play and Apple Shop

Monthly membership programs for $19.99

battery lifestyle of 10-14 times on a complete charge

intuitive internet UI

  • Brand Amcrest
  • Model AM-GL300
  • Pounds 8 oz .

One motorbike Gps navigation tracker with global acclaim may be the Optimus 2.0. Monitor everything from what to vehicles as well as your wild teen or sneaky family pet dog. Monitoring by using a computer is manufactured easy using the Optimus Gps navigation tracking gadget. Also, you may get a road view of the tracker’s location by using Google Maps as your foundation map. In addition to the regular monthly $19.99 monthly subscription, there are no hidden fees or contracts, and your subscription can be terminated whenever you please, again with no charges involved. This GPS tracking device sends you alerts of the positioning or direction of the products every 30 mere seconds, which is improved to every ten mere seconds.

Investigators utilizing this motorcycle Gps navigation enjoy a exclusive routing feature, whilst every user advantages from the device’s compatibility with both Google android and iPhone apps for fast monitor and smooth monitoring. The Optimus Gps navigation tracker includes a electric battery life of 1 to fourteen days, once it’s been completely charged. The rate of recurrence with which your tracker reports the location of an item directly affects the battery charge consumption. Upon purchase, users are given a sim card and data plan, with coverage for the USA. Keep the people and items which mean one of the most for you close on a regular basis using the Optimus Gps navigation tracker.

  • Brand Optimus Tracker
  • Excess weight 3.36 ounces

The Trak-4 GPS tracker for vehicles is the best on the market as it provides users with notifications of all sorts. You get to know when your vehicle moves off a certain location or the location of a friend who lent your routine. This Gps navigation Tracker may be the best motorcycle tracker developed by professionals to protect your beloved belongings. Because of its unlimited way to obtain 3G data, you only need to register and tracking starts for your chosen item. There’s no need for users to sign any contracts or pay for activation or cancellation. It is a typical case of plug and play.

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This GPS trackers like the others can be transported easily as it slips swiftly into your rucksack and may attach itself to your belt or vehicle. It is ideal for use on your tablet, computer or telephone, and it provides you with notifications in the form of text and email alerts. With an included SIM card, you can set up defined boundaries for your assets, family, or vehicles and be notified as soon as they’re moved out of these confines. An individual charge from the Track-t Gps navigation tracker is the same as 1 . 5 years of usage. To control your battery existence and also have it go longer, you can transform the rate at which you receive notifications. All devices can be recharged with help from a cell charger.

Unlimited 3G data

No activation or cancellation fees

  • Brand Trak-4
  • Model Trak4
  • Weight 6.4 ounces

Easily concealed, dust and waterproof, the Trackmate GPS mini tracker is on our list as one of the greatest mini Gps navigation trackers currently on the market. This product isn’t only in charge of keeping you current with the positioning of your beneficial items, looked after supports routing, scheduling as well as the company of automobile maintenance records. It really is a 2-ounce tracker with a thorough list of features that make it one of the highest ranked trackers on Amazon and other online shops. This unique system can simultaneously track all items via T-Mobile and AT&T networks. Fleet operators are also not left out with this best vehicle GPS tracker, as it features several free test devices and customised plans. View all location history up to a year in a record on a genuine digital map.

The sizeable character of this gadget helps it be easy to cover up anywhere in your automobile for added protection with it getting forget about significant when compared to a credit credit card, and with the lack of an antenna, it is extremely easy to conceal from potential armed robbers. For added security, users can opt for an optional relay to be fitted in their vehicle. This device triggers an alert on your phone or as an email when the ignition of your car is turned on. This tracker device is extremely affordable for all pouches, with monthly offers less than $9.00. The Trackmate Gps navigation tracker is normally a practical however versatile tacking alternative to all or any your security problems.

Historical area reports obtainable

customised programs designed for fleet providers

  • Brand TrackmateGPS
  • Fat 2.08 ounces

Once you get the Tkstar Hidden Gps navigation tracker, the just other cost you need to bear may be the purchase of a SIM cards that helps 2G. You will find no monthly charges or payment for traffic when you’re not using the app. This GPS tracker supports both Android/iOS and the web and users with area information automatically. Knowledge real-time free monitoring, LBS/GPS mode setting with an precision as high as five metres. This product features the geofence component that can help you set a variety of Geo-fence on your own map in a way that you obtain an alert any moment the device gets out of the range. Simple to conceal because of its tiny framework, it’s been built with a lithium-ion battery that works for up to three weeks once it’s been fully charged.

The Tkstar tracker doesn’t need to be installed, it only needs to be attached to any iron surface with strong magnets. Use this to keep tabs on your boats, trucks, motorcycles, and cars, and always have access to all routes covered by your vehicle in the last six months. Actually if they perform manage to gain access to your belongings, don’t allow them walk off with out a battle. Recover your lost or stolen products quickly using the Tkstar Hidden Gps navigation tracker.

Little Size & Very long Battery Existence

No Set up Needed

  • Brand TK-STAR
  • Model 4330271730
  • Pounds 6.4 ounces

THE LOCATION Trace Gps navigation tracker gadget brings us to the finish of our list. This automobile tracking gadget provides you real-time Gps navigation coordinates of the asset online. THE LOCATION vibration sensor continues to be developed to detect your asset such that a single movement sends an alert to you either via text or email. With the Spot GPS tracker, you receive daily updates about the location of your asset. All your valuables can be tracked anywhere and anytime, whichever corner from the globe, or beneath the globe these are. With this product, you will keep tabs on items stored primarily around the water with no issues. You could follow your valuables on your smartphone, computer or via Google maps, making this device extremely simple to use.

The very best feature this tracker device possesses is the truth that it can be used to track anything. For your toys, cars, motorcycles and vessels, getting the Spot Trace should be a no-brainer. Keep the people and items which mean one of the most for you close on a regular basis with the location Trace Gps navigation tracker.

advanced theft-alert monitoring

Inexpensive and simple to use

  • Brand Place
  • Model SPOT-TRACE-01
  • Excess weight 3.04 ounces

Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker Buying Guideline

What is GPS Tracking and How Does It Work?

A GPS tracking device is responsible for recording the location of your motorbike and transmitting it to your cellular gadget at regular intervals. It provides the user details like the motorcycles area, path of travel and quickness. It is positioned on your motorcycle like a portable or fixed unit.

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The Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers (Review)

Features to Consider When Buying a Motorbike Tracker

  • Compatibility across platforms

Check out the various reviews of a tracker you’re looking to purchase to find out if its compatible with your phone and its operating system before you invest in it. There are a handful of trackers that are compatible with several platforms for convenient features, but many of them function excellently with both Google android and IOS apps.

  • Obtain a precise geolocation

Investing in a tracker with geo-location means that checking the positioning of your bicycle is incredibly easy. It can help you be certain about whether your bicycle continues to be where you parked it by providing an accurate position. Some tracker models provide you with an update every 5 seconds, but these are on the expensive side; thus, you can opt for models that come with location refresh every minute.

If your bike gets stolen, your tracker should be able to use its 3-axis accelerometers to feeling it and send out you an security alarm notification for you yourself to take the required action. Others can also hook up to Google maps and other comparable map applications, where you can set geographical boundaries and limitations for your motorbike.

  • Energy intake and battery lifestyle

Look for a monitoring device which has intensive battery life. It’ll be sad for you yourself to get rid of your motorcycle due to the fact you’d to recharge your useless tracking device. With regards to energy intake in tracking devices, there are numerous economical options available on the market for all budgets. Some models enter into the standby mode to get more battery life, especially when they’re not needed. Another option Is usually to purchase tracker models that can be connected to your electric battery. These devices work with several current voltages, plus they alert users via light receptors when they are disconnected.

  • Extra security with security alarm systems

Having an excellent alarm system together with your hidden tracking device may be the easiest way to deter a thief. This extra basic safety measure isn’t hard to install but offers an considerable and loud alarm once prompted by the beginning of the engine or a straightforward touch. Another feature that can be equipped with a sensor alarm is the disc lock. You could use one or two, but they’re another great deterrent you can consider.

Get a sturdy and durable model if you’re looking to leave your GPS tracker on your bike for extended intervals. For such expanded use, you are able to go set for small and small-sized monitoring devices created from solid and vibration resistant components. It will also end up being resistant to drinking water such that rainfall won’t have an effect on it.

Great things about GPS Monitoring

Most of us will find it utterly unneeded to add a tracking device to our vehicles, or may see it an expensive expense, but below we focus on some advantages of having this device.

  • Insurance benefits: if your motorcycle has a tracking device, insurance firms are more than ready to reduce your coverage rates.
  • Safety and Theft Prevention: in the event of a robbery, where a robber takes your bike, your tracker gives the law enforcement agencies an accurate location to look.
  • Easily available: locating a tracking gadget for your motorbike is easy because they can be situated in anyplace where motorcycle add-ons and other Gps navigation devices can be purchased.
  • Improved maintenance: for a better maintenance culture, obtaining a monitoring device is a superb investment. It is because they’re able to alert a user when the cycle is due for servicing.
  • With a motorcycle tracker, your road trips, hikes and other outdoor activities can be properly planned out, as well as your path documented for easy retracing. This makes acquiring your way back again very easy without troubles.

The Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers (Review)

Greatest Motorcycle Gps navigation Tracker FAQ:

Q: Perform all GPS trackers need a SIM card?

A: Not all GPS trackers need a SIM card, and not all models will make a SIM credit card open to users.

Q: How lengthy does it try install a Gps navigation tracker?

A: With regards to the complexity of the motorcycle, setting up a Gps navigation tracker might take between 30 to 45 a few minutes.

Q: MAY I install the monitoring gadget myself?

A: Since you can, welcoming a professional to install your tracking device is advised. This is a safer option in the event of any problem after installation. However, if you’re amply trained in the cable connections of your motorbike, you are able to install your gadget by yourself.

Q: Is normally a GPS Tracker visible?

A: The best vehicle GPS tracker is designed not be very easily seen by anyone; most if not all are designed this way. Being visible takes away its ability to protect your automobile; thus, installation is performed to make sure its well-hidden.

Q: What’s the limit of Gps navigation tracker?

A: A Gps navigation tracker’s limit would depend over the model. Some versions work via satellite; thus, they can operate in any nook and cranny all over the world. The SIM cards used in your tracker can also determine the limit or degree of your Gps navigation tracker.

The Best Motorcycle GPS Trackers (Review)

Our Best Find

This cutting-edge Spy Tec STI GL300 Gps navigation Tracker is supported by SpyTec, up to date every five mere seconds and will be offering users with real-time location and longer periods of peace of mind.

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