Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible carseat was created to keep your son or daughter restricted and secure within the car. It really is convertible from a rear-facing baby chair to a front-facing carseat.

This car seat is extremely easy to install and comes loaded with security features. The manufacturer of this seat, Britax, has the highest security ratings of any car seat manufacturer in america. Overall, that is among the safest choices for maintaining your kid snug in the trunk seat on lengthy car trips.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat


In the rear-facing stage, the fat limit for a kid is normally five to forty pounds. In the front-facing stage, the fat limit for a kid is normally twenty to sixty-five pounds. It is strongly recommended which the front-facing stage is used for kids over a year (twelve months) old.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests children trip rear-facing until at least 2 yrs old.

The elevation limit in the rear-facing placement is twenty-seven in .. This makes the Britax Advocate ClickTight the tallest rear-facing chair available on the market, letting you keep your son or daughter in the rear-facing placement longer.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The measurements for the chair are the following:

  • The chair is twenty in . wide on the widest component
  • Underneath of the automobile seat is definitely fifteen ins wide
  • The shell of the car seat is definitely twenty-nine inches tall
  • In total, the car seat is thirty-one ins tall from top to bottom

The excess weight of the seat is definitely thirty pounds, making it much heavier than most other car seats. This is partially because it does not lift from the base.

Once you install this car seat in your car, you are meant to keep it there. It isn’t one particular convertible child car seats with a removable carrying unit. You are not meant to carry it around, so it does not have to be light enough to carry.

The weight is due to many of the safety features of this car seat, which you can read about below.

The harness of the seat can be adjusted between eight and a half and nineteen and a half inches. You can find fourteen different feasible positions.

Protection Features

Britax offers put a lot work in to the part impact protection as the most common method that kids are wounded in automobile accidents is from part impacts.

The framework is metal. The framework and foundation are both energy-absorbing in case there is an accident. Addititionally there is a direct effect absorbing tether and harness.

The tether keeps the seat in place due to its V shape and stitches that are designed to release in stages. This reduces forward momentum in the event of an accident.

The fourteen-pound harness and buckle can be moved up and down to fit newborns, infants, and toddlers. The harness has a ClickTight feature, letting you know that the seat is properly installed.

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Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The funnel system is quickly adjusted using the click of the switch. The Click & Safe and sound Snug Harness Sign will let you know if it’s correctly tightened.

Perhaps most of all, this seat is manufactured by Britax. How come this matter? Britax offers among the highest protection rankings of any carseat maker in the us.

The Country wide Highway Traffic Protection Administration (NHTSA) provides given this chair five out of five superstars for ease-of-use. Five chairs by Britax all received this highest ranking, demonstrating that Britax is an expert in creating easy to use car seats.

The Ecology Center tested the chemical composition of various car seats. They were looking for potentially harmful chemicals. Britax car seats were ranked first and best out of all car seats tested.

Britax has a comprehensive policy concerning the chemicals used in the creation of their products. They do not used any halogenated flame-retardant chemicals.

Overall, this car seat is one of the safest on the market, ready for any emergency. If you want to prepare for other car-related emergencies, check out this list of car emergency kits.

Other Important Features

The car seat cover is certainly removable. It is possible to put back again once taken out.

To be able to clean the automobile chair cover, Britax suggests cleaning it yourself and allowing it to air dried out. The seat was created to dried out quickly.

Your son or daughter will be comfy on long trips in this carseat. The headrest is certainly lined using a comfy foam level. The protective levels in the shell may also be comfy for your son or daughter.

If you want help obtaining as comfy as your son or daughter is during lengthy car rides, have a look at this set of car neck cushions.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The recline position is easily altered. A couple of seven different feasible recline positions.

There is an automatic level indicator, which will show you if the current recline is safe for the current seat direction. Forward-facing seats should not be reclined at the same angle as rear-facing seats. The indication will tell you which perspectives are safest for the forward-facing and rear-facing positions.

Parts for this car seat come from all over the world, but the car seat is built in america.

The LATCH program of the automobile seat helps it be appropriate for most newer model automobiles.

Because this carseat is not made to end up being moved around, you merely have to set it up once. Other versions, specifically 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 child car seats, often have to become fully removed from the car to become adjusted to the many levels. Once this carseat is installed, you are able to comfortably understand that your son or daughter will end up being secure in it until they outgrow it.

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Complications And Problems

The automobile seat isn’t designed to end up being removed from the bottom. This can be a pro or a con depending on what you are most interested in getting out of a car seat. If you do not want to deal with a more complicated four-in-one system, this will become easier to use.

If you want a car seat that is also portable, this is likely not the car seat for you. This is not a car seat which would be easy to move between cars several times. It is designed to become installed once and remaining in place.

As mentioned above, this carseat is extremely large because of all its basic safety features. Also if it had been portable, you wouldn’t wish to transport it around a good deal, especially not really with a kid in tow. Nevertheless, what it does not have in portability, it increases in balance.

In the event that you do for reasons uknown have to travel with the automobile seat, browse the travel cart that Britax presents in the accessories and further section below.

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

The automobile chair cover, although detachable for cleaning, isn’t machine-washable. In addition, it should not go ahead the clothes dryer. Britax recommends hands washing and allowing it to air dried out.

This carseat does not feature a glass holder. If you need a glass holder with this chair, continue reading towards the add-ons and extras section below.

Ensure that if you purchase this model you either purchase a fresh one or ensure that you do not purchase a utilized one created between August 1, 2014 and July 29, 2015. The Advocate ClickTight child car seats created between those times have already been recalled.

The recall was due to the potential for the red harness adjuster button used to loosen the harness to remain in the release position after the harness is tightened. This may allow for the harness to loosen when the child moves within it.

If you do have an Advocate ClickTight manufactured between August 1, 2014 and July 29, 2015, you must register with Britax. You can then receive a remedy kit including a lubricant. The lubricant will allow the adjuster button to move freely and remain locked when the harness is tightened.

Reviews indicated that so long as the lubricant is applied properly, actually the recalled model is incredibly safe. If you’re uncomfortable creating a recalled model, check whenever your carseat was produced before you get it.

Add-ons And Extras

Britax gives a Vehicle Chair Protector, made to hold the foot of the Britax Advocate Clicktight, along with a great many other Britax types of child car seats. This plastic mat is nonslip and has elevated edges to keep carefully the car clean.

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THE AUTOMOBILE Seat Protector won’t affect any protection features of the automobile seat. It really is designed and then protect the automobile from messes. There’s a portion of the mat that shines from leading of the car seat to protect your car’s upholstery from children’s dirty shoes.

In addition to preventing messes, the mat also prevents indents in the car upholstery.

The Britax Chair Saver Waterproof Liner was created to sit down over the automobile seat fabric. It’ll protect the automobile seat and make it last longer.

The liner is made of a dry wick fabric that can protect your car seat from any spills or accidents. It keeps the car seat comfortable and dry. The tall sides keep everything from getting underneath the liner, so that crumbs or other messes don’t become entrenched in the car seat fabric.

If you do want to travel with this car seat, there is a travel cart that will make it easier to move it through international airports.

The cart folds up when it’s not used. This can make it simple to shop in the automobile trunk or in over head compartments with an airplane.

To be able to utilize this travel cart with the automobile seat, utilize the LATCH connectors for simple and quick use. The metal frame of the cart is made for durability and strength.

Britax presents a convertible glass holder that may be securely mounted on this car seat. It can hold sippy cups or juice boxes of all shapes.

The cup holder is usually dishwasher safe, making for easy cleaning. Because this cupholder is usually easily transportable and simple to clean, it is in some ways more useful than using a cupholder built into the seat to begin with.

Britax presents mirrors aswell. These enable you to find your son or daughter when the automobile seat is within rear-facing placement.

The EZ-buckle tummy pad can be an optional connection which will make it simpler to buckle the funnel. In addition, it makes the funnel more comfortable for your child.


If security is your main concern, the Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat is a safe bet. This seat begins as a rear-facing infant seat and can later be transformed into a front-facing car seat. It is designed to be simple to install and has earned awards predicated on its basic safety features. Britax gets the highest basic safety rankings of any carseat manufacturer in america. Newborns and little babies can begin using this seat right away, and you can continue to use it for years.

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