Best Garage Floor Paint (Review & Buying Guide)

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

Coloreedepoxies Epoxy Resin Coating

KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

So youve got your brand-new garage workbench, and youve got a cool new tool chest to store all your gear. If youre looking around for the next upgrade to your garage, maybe you should be looking down at what is beneath your feet.

Yes, well admit it right now – floor paint is not the coolest home garage upgrade out there. On the other hand though, the best garage floor paint really can make for an excellent investment. It can provide a secure working space if you are repairing your vehicle, it increases the lifespan from the garage area itself and, just as importantly, it can actually look pretty damn good too.

If you want to spruce up your garage with a long lasting, cost effective upgrade then read on for our guideline to best garage floor paints on the market today.

Greatest Rated Garage Flooring Color in 2019:

Our initial product to create our list and, as the observant among you will notice, it isn’t a paint in any way. Instead that is a two-part epoxy formulation with a gray finish. Well seriously to the difference between normal paint and epoxy floor covering later in this article – for now you just need to know that epoxy is definitely a polymer that’s both very challenging and incredibly adhesive.

Whilst it is utilized as an additive to color, in this situation it’s the star from the show. Which means that this item leaves a remarkably durable surface that protects against gas and oil spills, damage from road salts and sizzling tire pick up. The floor surface resists cracking and peeling too, making it a great long-term expense. Its also a near total kit with the epoxy method, concentrated concrete cleaner and concrete etch all included – you just need to supply the tools like rollers and paintbrushes.

The semi gloss end will look good in any light, and you can leave the floor as a simple grey or cover it in decorative chips for an even more attractive finish. As an epoxy wealthy product it really is packing reduced level price, and this package will cost you over one hundred dollars. You are nevertheless going to get yourself a product made to give a extremely good-looking, resilient finish – assisting make your cash go additional.

(Nearly) Complete Package

Very Hard Finish

2 Component Epoxy Method

Gray Color End

  • Brand Rust-Oleum
  • Model 261845
  • Pounds 27.3 lbs

This product is a little different – in fact its the only one of its kind on the list today. Even though its not really paint in a strictly technical term, it is at least applied in the same way. You “paint” on the base layer, after that add another, accumulating levels until you possess the coverage you prefer.

Where it differs from traditional paints is within the fact that it’s very green. To begin with it is drinking water based (which can be among the reasons its so easy to apply), but its also solvent free and has no VOC or harmful odors present.

It is able to penetrate and fill cracks in cement, making it especially well suited for application on older flooring that require a little bit of fix – well, no want with the product. Its also waterproof and very hardwearing and includes a large number of applications including being truly a very good cellar floor paint as well.

Water Structured and GREEN

Very Easy to Apply

  • Brand Liquid Rubber
  • Model 20602
  • Excess weight 44.5 lbs

The appeal of this product is usually right up there in the product name – “Ground.” Wait, hold on *Inspections Notes* no, its actually the bit that says “1-Part Epoxy.” What this means is that this is definitely a regular water based paint that has been laced with epoxy.

Which means you obtain all the great things about regular color – a lesser overall price, simpler to put and move the color onto areas – blended with a number of the toughness and high adhesive characteristics of epoxy items. No, it isn’t as tough being a 2-component epoxy flooring package, if you possess a garage that sees very high level utilization this may not stand up to it. In a typical home garage however it should be good – especially if you put down two coats as recommended.

Another advantage is that it looks great too, with most epoxy kits usually only able to produce a semi-gloss, because this is a traditional paint you get a far shinier finish that will look great on any garage floor.

Single Component (No Mixing Required)

Very Smooth Finish

  • Brand Kilz
  • Model L377711
  • Weight 10.14 lbs

This product is more like a laminator for your floor. So after you have laid down your paint – its recommended you utilize an epoxy item – afterward you place this down outrageous to add a supplementary layer of superior, diamond hard safety.

This isn’t a stand-alone item, which is unable of bonding to neglected cement. When you have coated your garage ground already and desire to further expand the lifespan nevertheless that is what this product is designed for – and it is designed to do it very well. It has advanced bonding technology right in the formula to help it achieve a solid layer on top of the existing garage floor paint.

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One in place it helps to provide additional protection from both chemical and physical deterioration. No hot-tire grab is also an excellent design feature to find out, which could end up being particularly appealing in the event that you live someplace hot. To arrive at significantly less than a hundred dollars, this is an excellent product to purchase if youve currently deposit a garage flooring you prefer and desire to maintain it searching great.

Advanced Bonding Technology

No-Hot Car tire Pickup

  • Brand Valspar
  • Model 81052
  • Pounds 13 pounds

Our second product from Rust-Oleum and the first thing you have to do is ignore the label and product name. Well, you dont have to entirely ignore it because this is great basement floor paint. Its also an excellent garage floor color too though, therefore we dont actually understand why Corrosion -Oleum want to limit their market for this item.

They have all the top features of great garage floor color too. They have solid anti-chemical properties, resisting discolorations and abrasions from anti-freeze, fuel, street salts and engine oil. It is formulated to resist sizzling tire pick up as well as being difficult against everyday wear and tear you associate with parking vehicles onto the finished surface.

Overall, when you have a summary of features youd prefer to find in the very best garage area floor paint, the product virtually ticks most of them – therefore just ignore what it says within the box!

Hard & Durable Surface

Protects Against a Range of Chemicals

Anti-Cracking & No Sizzling Tire Pick Up

  • Brand Rust-Oleum
  • Model 203007
  • Weight 1 lb

Ok, daft name aside this is a pretty interesting product. Its very similar to the Valspar Premium Clear Epoxy Kit we discussed above. Remember we described that to be just like a laminator for your ground? Same thing right here too – just that is like in case your laminator was improved to Kevlar degrees of protection.

The product is constructed of Urethane suspended in drinking water. Urethane is similar to a next level epoxy, so you know this is a tough cookie. You will in fact be getting an industrial strength level of chemical protection here, so if you want to protect your ground from spillages you wont discover much better safety out there. Its also crazy hard to essentially help your existing epoxy floors confront deterioration inside a big method.

That degree of protection won’t come cheap and this is a premium product with the price tag to match – expect to drop around a hundred bucks per gallon of this stuff. But if you have (or you will soon) invest in a garage floor whose appearance you love, or if you just want a super long lasting floor, then consider this a wise investment to provide long term protection to your garage floor coating.

Super Tough Finish

Industrial Quality Chemical Level of resistance

  • Model SC550-KR-CL0
  • Pounds 10.8 lbs

That is a 2-component epoxy package in the feeling that it’ll arrive as three tins (2x resin, one hardener) that must definitely be blended and spread. It isn’t exactly like the other products upon this list nevertheless, in the sense that this is the extent of the kit. So if you want to add in some decorative chips or anything like that you need to buy them separately.

Aside from that it is a seriously premium product that is designed to dry to a very, very tough end. This is a different formula to many of the epoxy packages weve looked at today, in that it isn’t water based. It really is a “professional” regular epoxy, and therefore if you employed a service provider to color your garage, its likely that they would provide this stuff to try and do the work.

Which means you are starring down the barrel of a higher price tag right here, and dont expect very much change from a few hundred bucks for the 3-gallon package. Its also extremely unforgiving during set up. Its simple to move out, accurate – but you also have a very short window where the product remains pliable.

2 Part Epoxy Kit

(Quite) Easy to Use

Dries to a Highly Difficult Finish

  • Brand Coloreedepoxies
  • Model MB10022
  • Excess weight 9.3 lbs

Best Garage Floor Paint Buying Instruction & FAQ

There are very a little bit of difference after that between the items upon this list with regards to price tag as well as the features they provide to the party. In most cases, the merchandise with an increased epoxy count number – therefore the complete epoxy kits as opposed to the mixes – will provide a tougher, linger enduring finish.

They are also however going to hit your credit cards a little harder, and that means you do need to decide if they are the right products for you. If you think they are, and also you are going to take the plunge then you also need to know how best to paint the floor – and once its down how to take care of it – to make sure that you’re getting the most from your own investment.

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Best Garage Floor Paint (Review & Buying Guide)

Facts to consider when Buying Garage area Floor Color

Ground Region – Each item – at least on our list – is pretty open about how much area it can cover. If youre not sure of the size of your garage, then measure it. Oh, and heres a square foot calculator if youre as bad at math as we are!

Also bear in mind the coverage the paint promises is usually for one coat, so cut it in half if you plan on putting down a second coating of color.

Popular, Hot, Temperature – You might have seen in a number of the item descriptions that a number of the garage area floor paint we looked at in our list is formulated to protect against hot tire pick up. If youve never heard that phrase before, its when you park your car or truck in the garage area after a scorching day. The heat of the tires sitting on the floor can make the paint drop its adhesive qualities, and start to lift.

It then transfers to your auto tires, resulting in bald patches showing up around your flooring. If you reside in a scorching area, you should consider picking right up a flooring paint that’s formulated to avoid scorching tire pick up.

Appearance – If you care about what the garage is going to look like when youre carried out, there is quite a range of different coatings available. The good thing with epoxy style floor paints is definitely that they often times feature a color they’ll dried out into – frequently gray – nevertheless, you may also add ornamental shards for a supplementary splash of color. Simply select the design you wish and go for it!

Toughness – Were talking about the toughness of the finish, not whether it can help you out inside a pub fight. There is quite a range in terms of overall toughness, but you dont always need the toughest product available on the market. For instance, the 2-component epoxy kits will have the toughest surface finish, but they may also be going to have got the highest sale price and can end up being difficult to use.

It certainly depends on just how much make use of you imagine your garage are certain to get. If it’s a two car garage area and you possess heavy vehicles or vehicles that are in and out many times each day, choose the toughest garage area floor coating you are able to. If it utilized less frequently, or if utilized more like a workshop, toughness may possibly not be the main thought – maybe it’s cost, color or design of finish that’s more essential.

Chemical substance Toughness – As well as the everyday, physical toughness needed of having a car parked on it, there is also chemical toughness. If you are going to be doing a lot of work on your car or pickup truck (or parts from it) in the garage area, consider buying floor paint that may handle chemical substances without damage. Gas, motor oil, different cleaning items, solvents even windscreen liquid can stain or harm the ground if the color isnt chemical resistant.

Benefits of Painting the Garage Floor

Anti-Dust. This is especially true if the garage floor is new concrete, but any unpainted concrete surface can both appeal to – and create – dust. Painting the floor stops this problem however, and in turn stops you walking dust into the house.

Floor Protection . Vehicles are filled with fluid and they’re liable to sometimes drip that stuff as well. From black electric motor essential oil to luminous blue windscreen fluid, if some of that stuff details an unpainted, neglected concrete floor after that its video game over, man. Today, to be very clear, even the very best garage area floor paint is not like some titanium amour and if you notice a spillage you should still clean it up asap.

Aesthetic Appeal – The average cost of building a garage is in the region of $25,000. Even if youve already got one, that at least gives you a concept of their tough value. They may be essentially another space inside your home, so it is practical to take care of them like one and deposit the very best quality floors you are able to – you wouldnt keep the living space as uncovered concrete or deposit sheets of older newspapers as a carpet for the kitchen, right?

Best Garage Floor Paint (Review & Buying Guide)

Garage Floor Paint Types

Broadly speaking there are 3 main types of floor paint on the market today, although – SPOILER WARNING. – One of them isnt actually paint at all. So, we have:

Standard Color – Normally, this is a latex acrylic design of color. This is actually the most basic design of ground color around with both main benefits becoming that it’s really cheap, and includes a range of colours. You might be questioning why there is none of this type of color on our list, and the easy answer is that people are considering the best garage area floor paint on the market – and that does not include this type of paint. It simply does not have the toughness to compete with epoxy blends or 2-stage epoxy flooring kits. If you are interested in this style of color after that check them out at your neighborhood hardware shop. Wed recommend you get several tins though, as youll end up being repainting the ground again soon.

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Epoxy Color – A middle surface between useless standard paint and full fat, bells and whistles epoxy flooring packages. It is basically regular paint that has acquired epoxy mixed involved with it. Which means that whilst it isn’t as long long lasting as a kit, it is much tougher than basic standard paint whilst keeping costs low and keeping the color range and ease of installation of normal paint.

2 Part Epoxy Package – Generally an assortment of epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener – therefore why its known as a two-part package. They basically interact to supply an insanely challenging and resilient end. The resin stage could be tinted to provide color (though there isn’t the same color range you obtain with standard color) and you may also throw in decorative, colored chips or flecks.

Clear Epoxy is also available that may be put outrageous of paint to supply an extra protecting layer.

Gleam totally different item, of which we’d just the main one example on our list – Water Rubber. It includes a number of benefits, the main one of which is that it can happily ooze into cracks in cement for a cheap and easy repair for old concrete floors. For the drawback, it only has the one color (Black – Henry Ford would have accepted) and its much less challenging as epoxy floors.


Q: How long will it take to do an average 2 Car garage floor?

A: Painting wont take long – actually many epoxy sets only offer you a extremely short screen to have them down onto the ground. Prep work will need much longer, as your concrete flooring must be gleaming clean and ready to go before you crack open paint can. If the flooring ready, you could have the paint down and be sipping a beer in one summers afternoon.

Q: How long do I have to wait around before I walk on my fresh garage ground?

A: The bigger the epoxy count number, the longer it will require. Browse the instructions on the product you pick but expect to not be able to walk on the floor for at least 24 hours, and dont expect to park the automobile onto it for 72 hours or even more.

Q: MAY I coat broken/flawed/marred concrete?

A: You can, but you are going to see a reduction in the end quality. Good quality epoxy paint isnt exactly cheap, so it does make sense to put it down on the best quality floor you can provide so that youre getting the best bang for your buck. That may mean spending a little time patching cracks, nonetheless it will be worthwhile in the long run.

Q: How long will my garage floor paint last?

A: If you go with an epoxy option and add a obvious coating, it is possible for that floor to last anywhere up to 30 years – though about 5 to 10 is probably much more likely with regular deterioration.

Q: Just how do chemicals like street salt or engine oil impact the layer?

A: Unless the color specifically states it really is chemical substance resistant, things such as salt and engine oil can begin to stain and erode garage area floor paint fairly quick. The tougher the merchandise the less damage it will receive, but even the toughest floor will start to flake and crack with prolonged exposure to tough chemicals. Mop it down every now and then and try not to leave chemicals, salts and natural oils on the top for too much time and that will assist to prolong the life-span of the floor.

Best Garage Floor Paint (Review & Buying Guide)

Our Top Pick

It may well be one of the more expensive items around the list, however the EpoxyShield Garage area Floor Layer by Rust-Oleum is truly a product with very good value for money. That is because as a high content epoxy product it is designed to end up being extra tough and intensely adhesive. Which means it gets the power to endure continual make use of, resisting harm from the entire range of components and liquids that vehicles can (and can) drip and spill around your garage flooring.

It’s not only crazy tough but it looks great too, and you can either leave it with its standard grey, semi-gloss finish or mix in the included pack of decorative chips if you prefer. Since this product is long lasting and appears great after that, to us it ticks plenty of boxes to become worth its crown as greatest garage floor color.

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