7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you likely are in the market for a dolly. You can use a dolly to store and move your motorcycle when not riding.

Given the many options currently available, here we’ve broken down the highlights of the 7 best motorcycle dollies on the market.

It’s important to remember what choices and features are most significant for you when purchasing. In addition, it is crucial to learn much about your motorbike to make sure that the dolly you get is an excellent fit. Which it can securely and securely shop your motorbike.

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7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

Best 7 Best Motorcycle Dollies In 2019 Reviews

1 Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly For Wheel Chock/ Trailer Stand

This Condor is one of the best motorcycle dollies on the market for several reasons, ranging from compatibility, maneuverability, and weight.

To start out, you won’t become limited by type or size of bicycle with this dolly since it holds any motorcycle. It can be trusted to hold any bike in an upright position both securely and safely. You don’t need to worry much about tipping your motorcycle or bike.

This means that the dolly works with any size steering wheel or car tire and is totally unrestricted by kind of motorcycle. Even more, your bicycle doesn’t need to be a traditional motorbike.

This dolly can be compatible with large cruisers, dirt bicycles, sport tourers, or various other sports bicycles.

The Condor could be maneuvered conveniently, letting you move or spin you motorbike to fit to the smaller sized areas in your garage area or storage device. This is among its biggest offering points since it allows you to capitalize on limited space.

So, even if you’re wanting to squeeze two cars or trucks in your garage, this dolly gives you to find adequate space for your motorcycle as well. This can be a big selling point if your short on available space.

The building on this dolly is definitely durable and reliable. Its load capacity is quite impressive at 1300lb. It weighs 46 pounds and is made in the USA.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Durable building
  • Can be used in limited storage spaces
  • Not as useful for a bike owner with lots of space

2 Drop- Tail Trailers & Amp Add-ons Cycle Glyder PRO Motorcycle Dolly 03-CGPR1500-01

This dolly comes with a good number of exclusive features, which serve to create it one of the better motorcycle dollies available on the market.

To start out, you can trip to this dolly and back again out for simple storage space. This makes maneuvering both your motorbike as well as the dolly easier aswell.

It could be used in combination with any motorbike that has up to 70-inches wheelbase with entrance tires as high as 140mm and back again tires as high as 240mm.

This dolly presents a great deal of balance using a low-profile style and a locking ramp/brake. You are able to be confident your motorcycle is normally stored properly.

It includes a discharge deal with for tailpipe clearance and includes a powder-coated surface finish to help prevent any rusting. In addition, it includes Drop-Tail tiedown straps aswell.

This dolly comes with an amazing weight capability of 1500 pounds which is fairly high in comparison with similar dollies. Additionally it is quite weighty, weighing 108 pounds. If buying lighter dolly, this may not be the perfect match for you personally. Conversely, if buying heavy-duty motorbike dolly, that one might suit you perfectly.

The pounds of dolly you may want can all become dependant on the weight of the bike as well as your preference on building. Clearly heavier building dollies will eventually weigh more general.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Very high capacity
  • Ride on/ back out
  • Not compatible with all bikes

3 Motomover Premium Motorcycle Dolly

If you are looking for a heavy, extremely durable motorcycle dolly, this might be the product for you. It comes with safety features as well as strong and durable construction, making it one of the best motorcycle dollies on the market.

Its safety features boast a lock for all four wheels so you can rest assured your motorbike will be kept upright and secure. You can even ride on / off comfortably.

A very important factor to note can be that dolly does need pretty precise moving to be able to align the trunk wheel. You’ll need to roll on in a pretty straight line in order to align the back wheel and lock it.

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The construction on this Motomover is incredible. It is made of heavy gauge steel, uses medical casters with encased roller bearings and is made in the USA. Despite its heavy-duty construction, this dolly could be maneuvered easier than a great many other dollies available on the market.

This dolly still includes a patent pending. It weighs 95 pounds and will be offering an impressive capability of 1500 pounds.

Again, that is a heavier dolly which means you want to be sure the weight will work for you. Despite the weight, it is quite easy to move and maneuver. If you have a larger or heavier bike, this dolly might be a good option for you.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Heavy construction
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Must roll on in properly straight series to align back again wheel

4 Low Profile Motorbike Dolly

This Low Profile dolly is among the best motorbike dollies available on the market mainly due to its extremely easy maneuverability. If you’re little in stature, this may be a great option for you. It seems as if this dolly was constructed with the smaller, lighter person at heart.

The building on this dolly is also quite impressive. Its powder covering means it isn’t likely to rust. It also has a three-position flexible kick stand plate and smooth rolling swivel casters.

The maximum wheel base is definitely 190 mm.

If you’re after a very high pound capacity, this might not be the best option for you, as its capacity is definitely 1250 pounds.

While this is still a decent amount for capacity, it is still less than lots of the motorbike dollies reviewed right here, a few of which rise to 1500 pounds.

If you’re after a lighter option to lots of the very much heavier motorbike dollies, this can be an option for you personally, as it weighs in at simply 69 pounds. This lighter fat is exactly what feeds the dolly’s capability to move conveniently.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Not really a very high capability

5 Dark Widow CRUISER-DOLLY Chopper Motorbike Dolly

When you have a chopper or cruiser, this can be one of the better motorcycle dollies available on the market for you personally. Its designed with those two bicycles at heart and comes with an extra-long 94” ribbed monitor surface specifically to support larger sized bicycles. It is one of the better motorcycle dollies available on the market.

To protected the dolly set up, you simply draw the grips down and trip the motorbike onto the dolly. Afterward you simply rest the kickstand for the 2-stage adjustable dish. That’s essentially it. It creates storing your motorbike rather easy.

When you wish to go your motorcycle, you merely turn the ramp grips support. This dolly will boast fairly easy maneuverability and includes a capability of 1250 pounds. The average indivdual can move this bicycle independently.

The dolly comes with heavy-duty caster wheels as well as pins on either end to prevent the motorcycle from rolling once in place.

The construction on this motorcycle dolly is also impressive, being made from 12 measure steel and having a dark powder coated surface finish to avoid rusting.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Extra longer track surface area
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Made mainly for choppers and cruisers

6 BikeMaster Changeable Motorbike Dolly

If you are looking for a motorcycle dolly that may help you capitalize on limited space, this may be one of the better options for you personally. When you have a congested garage or want to shop your bicycle alongside multiple automobiles this BikeMaser motorbike dolly may be the response.

Why is this important? Storing a bike with other things in your garage can be a challenge, especially when storing for an extended period of time.

This dolly allows you to store your motorcycle without having to think about it again until you want to ride. It will be out of the way without having to be continuously relocated.

Perhaps you already have two cars or trucks kept in your garage area and you’re attempting to increase space. If that’s the situation, this might become the ideal option for you.

This BikeMaster dolly is definitely a bit more stable than its full-length counterparts and takes up a lot less room as well.

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It offers high-quality wheels and bearings. This makes moving the dolly around very easy. And the high quality makes them particularly durable.

With 8 mm heavy-duty laser-cut plate-steel, this dolly is definitely strong and durable and even offers an flexible kickstand arm. The guts of the trunk steering wheel to kickstand methods 34- 50 in ..

Because this motorbike dolly is supposed for smaller areas and is fairly smaller sized than full-length alternatives, the capability is much much less. With this BikeMaster dolly, optimum capacity is normally 1110 pounds. It allows rear auto tires up to 10 ins wide.

This means you’ll have to determine if your motorcycle would fit this bike. It is smaller and lighter than many others. If you have a more substantial or heavier bicycle, this dolly most likely would not do the job.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Ideal for small areas
  • Small fat capacity

7 Merrick Machine M998030 Routine Dolly

Among the very best top features of this Merrick Machine dolly can be it suits nearly any motorbike, making it one of the better motorcycle dollies obtainable.

This is often a very appealing feature, particularly if you ever plan on swapping your motorcycle for another sometime in the future.

It is also easily moved and can be done so quite easily by just one person. If alone, you can rest assured that you can load, move and unload your motorcycle in just a few minutes singlehandedly.

This may be a great option to get a more compact person.

Simple launching and unloading can be even further improved given the actual fact how the v channel is defined simply ?” off the ground. The v channel also holds almost any sized tires. This means that you don’t really have to ever worry about tipping for the most part.

One thing to note with this dolly is that the casters are not lockable. Essentially, you will need to either change them out for lockable casters or chock the tires when mounting towards the dolly.

This motorbike dolly includes a high capability at 1500 pounds. In addition, it has impressive building, made exclusively of steel. If you are looking for a dolly that may keep a heavier bicycle both properly and securely, this may be a great option.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

  • Strong structure
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Casters aren’t lockable

Best Motorbike Dollies Buying Information

If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle dolly, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to narrow down what features are most important to you. This could include the construction of the dolly, its capacity, its weight and overall maneuverability, and its compatibility with your particular motorcycle.

Do you have a lot of space for your motorcycle, or are you looking for something that can help you shop your motorbike in tight areas? Have you got a heavier motorbike, or do you require a dolly using a smaller overall capability?

Among the initial steps in investing in a dolly is certainly ensuring you are aware of your motorcycle and its own storage requirements. This will eventually give food to you your suitable options. Knowing your motorcycle, you can start to thin down the options for your needs.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

We’ve examined the very best 7 best motorbike dollies available on the market. Today, you are able to decide which greatest suits your requirements. All dollies analyzed here are built well. Your decision depends on your unique needs. There are many key features to bear in mind when making your decision.

Looking for a light-weight motorbike dolly? Or would you like among heavier structure? How important is it to you to be able to very easily move the dolly by yourself?

This is truly a matter of personal preference. Why does it actually matter?

Well, if you’re after a dolly that you can move individually, or you are smaller in stature yourself, you might be best to purchase a motorcycle dolly that is lightweight.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

Some dollies examined here can easily be relocated with only a small push. For instance, the Condor may be the lightest in fat of most those reviewed right here by far. Furthermore, THE REDUCED Profile motorbike dolly appears to have been created to accommodate small rider.

Take into account that occasionally a lighter dolly excludes the usage of a heavier bicycle.

  • Pounds Capability

Weight capability of the dolly is an integral feature in identifying your best choice. Knowing the requirements of your own motorcycle will travel how much pounds capacity you will need.

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Can be your bike especially heavy? If therefore, you need to make certain that you get a dolly that can handle the weight and you need to know exactly how much your motorcycle weighs and how big it is in general.

If its light, perhaps you want a dolly that is lighter and offers a lighter maximum capacity. Heavier doesn’t always mean better. If you don’t need the extra weight capacity, why buy a dolly that provides it? It could simply mean expending even more energy shifting it.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

Do you want to likely buy a different bicycle in the foreseeable future? In the event that you will, and it gets the chance of becoming heavier, perchance you desire to stick to a higher capability dolly. The decision is actually yours.

However, that is a pretty essential feature in determining the best dolly for your needs. You do not want to purchase a dolly that cannot withstand the weight of the motorcycle.

The dollies right here with the best capability will be the Drop- Tail truck, the Motomover and the Merrick Machine, all with a 1500-pound capacity. This is a very high capacity and might not be needed by most riders.

If your bike is lighter in weight, perhaps a lighter weight capacity dolly is usually for you.

The lightest reviewed here is the BikeMaster Flexible which has only a 1110-pound optimum capacity. It is possible to move but won’t function for most motorcycles.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

Don’t assume all motorcycle dolly evaluated here will end up being appropriate for every motorbike.

When you have a sports activities bike, for instance, your best choice may be the Candor Motorcycle Dolly which is not even restricted in use to motorcycles. It is also quite light and can be moved easily.

A few key features to keep in mind when determining compatibility are your motorcycle’s tires, weight and steering wheel base. Many of these have to be appropriate for the dolly you eventually choose therefore you’ll need to find out these top features of your motorbike.

Additionally you again must make sure the dolly you select can withstand the weight of your motorcycle.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

There are numerous factors to consider when taking into consideration the construction of the potential motorbike dolly. You will need to choose how heavy-duty you wish your dolly to become.

How come that important? You want to choose a dolly that is made to your particular standards.

Is it important to you to choose a dolly that was constructed in the USA? There are a few options reviewed here that might make an excellent suit if that’s vital that you you. Included in these are the Condor as well as the Motomover.

There’s also many options right here made of complete steel construction like the Motomover, BikeMaster, as well as the Merrick Machine. They are, of course, extremely durable and solid if you’re after a heavier duty dolly.

7 Best Motorcycle Dollies On The Market 2019 Reviews

These are just a few factors to consider when determining which motorcycle dolly is for you. The 7 options reviewed here are the best motorbike dollies available on the market and once and for all reason. All of them are of the best regarded construction and will end up being relied upon to safely and safely move and shop your motorbike when not used.

A couple of options reviewed for each and every preference. You’ll find a lighter or heavier capability dolly, an quickly movable dolly, a light-weight dolly, as well as dollies that will help you maximize smaller sized spaces.

Your motorbike most likely wasn’t inexpensive so choose a dolly that will suit its particularly needs so you can safely and stably store it.


A motorcycle is such a big investment in and of itself that you want to ensure you purchase all accessories that will be the greatest fit. This consists of finding one of the better motorcycle dollies open to help shop and move your motorbike when you aren’t utilizing it.

You’ll find nearly every choice of dolly displayed within our overview of the 7 greatest motorcycle dollies available on the market.

Understanding your motorcycle and its own needs will be the first step in choosing the right dolly for you. And if you are looking for other motorcycle accessories to go along with your dolly, we’ve also highlighted the 10 best noise-canceling earbuds to help you best enjoy your ride.

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