7 Best Headlight Bulbs – Reviews & Buying Guide

A car’s headlights are among its most important security features. It allows the driver to observe in the dark and avoid hurdles that may cause an accident.

Although car headlights don’t have changed over the decades, the headlight bulbs themselves have noticed therefore very much modification that many motorists are ignorant of the variations in headlight lights.

Headlight lights possess progressed over the years, from tungsten halogen to High-Intensity Release or HID lights, and after that to Light Emitting Diode or LED lights.

10 Best Headlight Bulbs – Reviews & Buying Guide

This examine will consider you through a list of the best headlight lights on the marketplace and after that display you the differences between these bulbs and what to look out for when making a choice.

10 Best Headlight Bulbs – Reviews

1. Philips D1S Standard HID Headlight Bulb

2. Beam Tech LED Headlight Bulb Conversation Kit

3. Philips 12362B1 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb

4. Philips VisionPlus 2-Pack Halogen Headlight Light bulbs

5. Philips Regular Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs 2-Pack

6. Sylvania 2-Pack Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs

7. SNGL Nice Shiny LED Headlight Light bulb Transformation Package

8. Philips DiamondVision Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs

10 Best Headlight Bulbs – Reviews & Buying Guide

9. Sealight LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit

10. Piaa 17655 Halogen Headlight Bulbs

1. Philips Deb1S Standard HID Headlight Bulb

Editor’s Rating: (4.4 / 5)

  • Type: HID bulb
  • Lumens: 3,350
  • Voltage/Power: 85 Volts, 35 W
  • Color Temperatures: 4,200 T
  • Life expectancy: D/A

Philips is certainly a well-known machine of electric devices for over 100 years, therefore it shouldn’t arrive as a shock that the greatest HID headlight light bulb??will arrive from this firm.

The light bulb creates a 3,350-Lumen shiny light at a color heat range of 4,200 Kelvins, making it the ideal HID bulb for those who need high-performance HID lighting for their cars.

In order to protect consumers from second-rate products, Philips also includes a Certificate of Authentication (CoA) on each bulb, which allows any client to check the certificate online and make sure that he bought an unique Philips product.

You should notice that these are HID lights and so you need to replace both headlight lights at the same period to make sure of well balanced light beams from both. The just concern right here is normally that this Philips bulb’s cost is normally rather high and it’s just for a single bulb.



2. BeamTech LED Headlight Bulb Transformation Package

Editor’s Ranking: (4.3 / 5)

  • Type: LED transformation package
  • Lumens: 8,000
  • Voltage/Power: 25 W
  • Color Temp: 6,500 Kelvins
  • Life-span: 30,000 hours

You could possess no curiosity for an HID light bulb and would rather update your vehicle’s share tungsten halogen lights with LED lambs using a transformation kit. In this case, BeamTech offers you just the right kit to get the conversion done.

This package offers you the best H11 LED headlight lights, although it’s also obtainable for additional sockets types like L1, L7, and the others.

Each light bulb generates 4,00 Lumens, bringing the total to 8,000 Lumens at a color heat of 6,400 Kelvins real white light.

The many advantages of switching to LED lighting consist of a longer functioning life expectancy of over 30,000 hours, their low power intake of 25 W per light bulb, and the ever lowering price of LED car headlights.



3. Philips 12362B1 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb

Editor’s Rating: (4.2 / 5)

  • Type: Halogen bulb
  • Lumens: Around 1,200 Lumens depending on socket
  • Voltage/Power: 12.8 Volts, 55 Watts
  • Color Heat: Around 3,000 Kelvins
  • Lifespan: Around 300 hours

Some people are not really however prepared for a headlight up grade or they merely have a tendency wish it for their vehicles. If you are one of those and you want to replace your headlamps with simply high-quality tungsten halogen light bulbs, then Philips gives you the best halogen headlight light bulb right here.

The price is definitely low but it’s for just one bulb and you do know that you’ll need to buy a pair of lights to switch both headlights at a proceed for the best results.

When compared to LED lights for instance, then a halogen won’t look impressive at all, but if you want a tungsten halogen light bulb for your automobile, after that that’s great because Philips makes the perhaps greatest tungsten halogen headlight light bulbs.

This light bulb gets provided in a range of different outlet types and it creates around 1,000 to 1,500 Lumens, depending on the outlet. Its color heat range is normally also around 3,000 Kelvins and it uses 55 W to work.

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On the other hand, all these features pale in comparison to a LED bulb, which can produce over 6,000 Lumens at a 6,000-Kelvin pure white light, using less than half of a halogen’s 55 Watts.



4. Philips VisionPlus 2-Pack Halogen Headlight Lights

Editor’s Ranking: (4 / 5)

  • Type: Tungsten halogen lights
  • Lumens: 1,780
  • Voltage/Power: 12.8 Volts, 55 Watts
  • Color Temperatures: 3,200K
  • Life-span: In/A

If you still want a tungsten halogen light bulb but experience that you are worthy of a better offer, after that consider a appear at this greatest inexpensive headlight light bulb present from Philips.

The Philips VisionPlus range of tungsten halogen bulbs offers you up to 60% more light and lets you see up to 80 feet farther down the road than standard halogen bulbs.

Philips also offers Vision and X-treme Vision bulbs as part of a halogen upgrade series. This allows you to install high-performance halogen bulbs in your car that give the looks and experience of HID or LED lighting while staying tungsten halogen light bulbs.

They are cheaper because they arrive in a established of 2 light bulbs per bundle, but this does not make them substandard for any reason. Philips is definitely a great name to buy from because the organization offers been known to make top-rated headlight lights for many decades.



5. Philips Regular Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs 2-Pack

Editor’s Ranking: (4.4 / 5)

  • Type: Tungsten halogen light bulbs
  • Lumens: 1,200
  • Voltage/Power: 12.8 Volts, 55 Watts
  • Color Heat range: 3,000 Kelvins
  • Life-span: Around 250 hours

Philips makes the greatest replacement unit headlight lights because the business locations therefore very much focus on the quality and dependability of their products.

This offer is for a pair of Philips standard bulbs instead of the single packs that you’ll still have to get two packets of anyway. The pair of bulbs can be also effectively costed while keeping Philips quality specifications.

Perform take note that this can be the greatest inexpensive headlight bulb, perfect for those on a budget or for people who have to stick to standard halogen bulbs for one reason or the other.

Although very affordable, the drawbacks linked with this bundle is certainly the low-Lumen result of the light bulbs, as well as their yellow 3,000-Kelvin color temperatures.



6. Sylvania 2-Pack Halogen Headlight Bulbs

Editor’s Rating: (4 / 5)

  • Type: Halogen bulbs
  • Lumens: 1,350
  • Voltage/Power: 12.8 Volts, 55 Watts
  • Color Heat: 3,200 Kelvin
  • Lifespan: 375 hours

Sylvania offers you the best H13 halogen headlight bulbs right here. Unlike various other producers like Philips, who give different variations of their light bulbs for different outlet types, Sylvania presents this light bulb totally for L13 sockets and for nothing else.

The package has 2 bulbs, each with a light intensity of 1,350 Lumens, making a total of 2,700 Lumens for the pair. Color heat is usually standard for halogen lights and actions 3,200 Kelvins.

These Sylvania lights are definitely not the brightest headlight lights in this review but they do possess a unique style from Sylvania that enables them to glow further down the street without manifest onset automobile motorists.

They are also Populate accepted, which means they are 100% legal and that you can install them without any concerns. On the jump aspect though, they are still tungsten halogen light bulbs and therefore, they consume very much even more power for much less light than HID and LED lights.



7. SNGL Top Shiny 2-Pack LED Headlight Light bulb Transformation Package

Editor’s Ranking: (4.3 / 5)

  • Type: LED lights
  • Lumens: 12,400 mixed
  • Voltage/Power: 110 W mixed
  • Color Temp: 6,000 Kelvins
  • Life-span: 50,000 hours

Once you’ve produced up your brain to obtain the greatest car headlights for your trip, after that it’s period to find the best LED headlamps. This SNGL package offers you two super bright bulbs with a 6,000-Kelvin white light color and 12,400 Lumens of brightness.

Needless to say that these here are the best white headlight bulbs for your special car. If you are searching for the greatest LED headlight light bulbs to provide your trip that advanced appear and to immediately switch the night into time wherever you are, after that consider a nearer appear right here.

SNGL provides a fan-cooling program to help maximize the LED chips lifespan up to over 50,000 hours. The bulbs also feature anti-interference features, plus they are CANbus ready to interact with your car’s onboard computer.

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You should note that this package includes a total conversion kit to update your car’s halogen or HID stock lamps to super bright LED lamps. Installation is normally plug-and-play, the light bulbs are IP-67 waterproof, and SNGL shells it with a 2-calendar year guarantee.



8. Philips DiamondVision Nice Light Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs

Editor’s Ranking: (3.9 / 5)

  • Type: Tungsten halogen
  • Lumens: D/A
  • Voltage/Power: 12.8 Volts, 55 Watts
  • Color Heat range: 5,000 Kelvins
  • Life expectancy: In/A

So, maybe you love that awesome look of HID and Led headlight lights, but for some reason, you can’t update your car’s lights yet. Well, Philips got your back here.

The Philips DiamondVision uses very normal halogen lights to create an HID or LED-like bright white light for your tungsten halogen headlamps.

This gets performed using a blue film to coat the bulb, which results in its creating even more blue light to modification its color temp. This blue film can be like a filtration system though, therefore it obstructions out plenty of additional colours, which outcomes in a lower general light result.

You’ll want to consider if these are the types of white headlight lights that you want for your car or if you want an upgrade. You need to decide between an easy halogen installation with low light intensity and a full HID or LED conversion with full brightness.



9. Sealight LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Package

Editor’s Ranking: (4.1 / 5)

  • Type: LED lights
  • Lumens: 6,000
  • Voltage/Power: 40 W
  • Color Temp: 6,000 Kelvins genuine white
  • Life-span: 30,000 hours

There’s no question that the best headlight bulbs for night driving are LED bulbs and although originally quite expensive, they’ve become more inexpensive in latest moments.

Unlike the initial LED transformation package in this review, this one is certainly very much even more affordable with its low and attractive price. You’ll have to make do with just 6,000 Lumens at this low price anyway, although the bulbs produce a 6,000-Kelvin real white light.

One disadvantage of this give is certainly that the transformation package is certainly just obtainable for a small number of tungsten halogen outlet types, which makes it rather limited in program. You can install it on 6 different socket types though.

On the other hand, they’re very affordable, produces more than enough lighting for the average drivers, and they’re scored to last for over 30,000 hours.

Set up is normally fast and just will take a few a few minutes to convert a tungsten halogen headlamp into a LED headlight with this package, plus Sealight shells it with a 1-calendar year guarantee.



10. Piaa 17655 Tungsten halogen Headlight Light bulbs

Editor’s Ranking: (3.5 / 5)

  • Type: Halogen bulb
  • Lumens: In/A
  • Voltage/Power: 55 Watts, 12.8 Volts
  • Color Temp: 4,000 Kelvins
  • Life-span: In/A

Just as with the Philips DiamondVision lights, these lights are also coated with a bluish top coating which gives the light a cooler shade like HID and LED light lights.

Although Piaa gives its color temperature as 4,000 Kelvins and says nothing about light intensity, it’s obvious that these bulbs are less intense than standard halogen bulbs, and puts them somewhere around 1,000 Lumens or less.

The lights are DOT / SAE compliant, which means that they’re totally safe car headlight bulbs to install in your car without be concerned. Piaa also back them with a 1-yr guarantee

They are also suitable with many outlet types, which makes them capable to match a great deal of vehicle headlights.

You should keep in mind that blue-film coated halogen light bulbs are a extremely fast method of offering your car car headlights that HID or LED appear but it’s also at the drawback of lighting.



The Greatest Headlight Light bulbs Buying Information

If you’ve tried changing your car’s headlights for the first time, you’ll find yourself confused by the different types of headlight bulbs out there and their different terms.

You’ll need to understand these light bulb differences so you can make the right choice. Following is usually a list of the most essential elements to consider when selecting a headlight light bulb to purchase.

#1. Compatibility

There are different light bulb versions and outlet types obtainable. These criteria got created to enable producers the capability to customize their vehicles with different car headlights.

For tungsten halogen lights, you have socket types ranging from H1 to H11 and further, while HID lights come in M1, M2, M3, and M4 versions.

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You can either check the bulb that you’re about to transformation for its model amount or make use of on the web providers like on Amazon, where you enter your car’s model and it provides you a complementing light bulb.

If you’re updating from tungsten halogen to either HID or LED light bulbs, after that you’ll still want to discover a transformation package that fits your car headlight’s sockets.

#2. Solitary & Two times Beams

Another concern you’ll want to consider can be whether the light bulb can be a solitary or a dual light beam light bulb. All cars need to have a low beam for seeing short distances and a high beam for seeing a longer distance.

Some headlights have a separate bulb for the low and high beams, while others have a single bulb that can switch between a high and low beam by itself. You should know which type you have or need.

#3. Types of Bulbs

There are three major types of light light bulbs that you’ll discover in an vehicle headlight and they are as comes after:

  • Tungsten halogen: Tungsten halogen light bulbs are the oldest and the most well-known of these three types of light bulbs. They are also the cheapest of the three, but they possess the shortest lifespans of 300-500 hours and they also possess the dullest lighting.
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID)/Xenon (xe): HID light bulbs make use of Xenon (xe) gas to make high-intensity lights with color temperatures around 4,500 Kelvins, which is usually higher than the 3,200 Kelvins of halogen lights. HID bulbs also last up to 5 occasions much longer than tungsten halogen light bulbs.
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED): LEDs are the most recent technology on the marketplace. They make use of much less energy than the various other two types of light bulbs but generate much brighter and whiter lights than them.

#4. Legality

The legality about the upgrade of your vehicle’s headlight bulbs depends on the jurisdiction you find yourself in. These laws are in place to prevent drivers from installing car headlights that may sightless onset visitors.

For most circumstances in the US for instance, the only way to lawfully update from halogen to HID or LED lights is definitely to either switch the entire headlight set up or to make use of a headlight that provides currently picked up transformed and examined to comply with the brand-new light bulb type.

If you’re not really improving then you’ve got nothing to be concerned about, else, you need to make sure that you know what you’re performing.

#5. Brightness

The brightness of a light refers to its rays’ intensity and it’s usually measured in Lumens. Halogen bulbs are the least bright with around 1,400 Lumens, while HID bulbs are much brighter with over 3,000 Lumens on average.

LED bulbs are the brightest with an average of 6,000 Lumens. They also make use of much less energy than the additional two lights to make this much brightness.

#6. Color Temperature

A bulb’s color temperature refers to how warm or cool its light appears and this gets tested in Kelvins or T. For guide, a candlelight, for example, methods 1,500 Kelvins, while a dawn or sun is certainly about 3,200 Kelvins.

Tungsten halogen light bulbs arrive in at around 3,200 Kelvins, while HID measure in at 4,500 Kelvins, which is certainly about the worth for a midday sunlight. LED bulbs are the brightest at an average of 6,000 Kelvins.

#7. Warranty

Different manufacturers offer different warranty durations for their products. If you are comparing two normally identical products, then the one with the much longer guarantee should obtain a plus election.

Bottom line

We’ve reached the end of this greatest headlight light bulb review and it’s period for you to make your choice. As you must possess observed, now there are a lot of presents out now there but your choice will depend on your requires.

You can either choose the standard or enhanced halogen lights if you need to play items safe and make do with lights that have less than ideal lighting.

You can also get a small bold and either up grade your car headlights to HID or to LED car headlights, the choice is normally yours by itself to make here.

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