10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers (Review)

Best Choice Products Steel Anti-Tilt Motorcycle Carrier

VersaHaul Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier With Ramp

Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Rack Carrier

Whether you have dirt bike, a scooter, or a classic motorcycle, chances are you’ll need to transport it from A to B at some point – and driving it there isn’t usually possible. Perhaps you’re taking it to a mechanic to be fixed, to a show, or you simply want to take it on a family road trip.

The simplest solution to this problem is the hitch carrier. These helpful devices enable you to haul your bicycle together with your car, SUV, or truck. Unlike typical hauling strategies, they don’t depend on towing, rendering it quicker and simpler to get your bicycle into position. Rather, these are mounted onto leading or back again of your vehicle, and suspend the motorcycle securely as you travel.

With so much resting upon this piece of package, it’s crucial that you select carefully – low quality hauling apparatus could place you vulnerable to damage. That’s why we’ve gathered together this list of the top 10 motorcycle hitch carriers on the market at this time, so you can make an informed decision, and rest assured that both you and your bike will be venturing safely. We’ve also replied some common queries about how exactly to make use of hitch carriers correctly, to assist you select one that functions safely together with your vehicles.

THE VERY BEST Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Best Choice always endeavor to live up to their name, and in this case we think they have. This steel motorbike carrier is equipped with an anti-tilt locking device, that prevents the bike from wobbling on the move, and a convenient loading ramp which allows your bicycle to become rolled onto the carrier from either part.

Its heavy-duty powder-coated metal offers superb rigidity that’s created to last, permitting up to 500 pounds to become safely carried. Because of its easy set up, the carrier offers great portability even though it’s not used. The device would work for make use of with a 2” square recipient hitch.

500 pound capability

Ideal for use with a 2” square receiver hitch

Suitable for tires up to 4.5 inches wide

Made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel for excellent strength and rigidity

Anti-tilt locking device prevents bikes from wobbling when on the move

Can be packed from both edges

  • Model SKY1375
  • Excess weight 51 pounds

This hitch-mounted motorcycle bike rack is made from strong and lightweight aluminum, producing for a good device that may safely endure to 400 pounds. Among its niftiest features may be the self-storing ramp program – its ramps could be conveniently slid in and out of place, instead of having to end up being re-attached with every make use of, saving motorcycle fans precious time.

The support also includes a smart anti-rattle device for any smoother ride, and a spacer bar adapter so that smaller bikes can be carried. Customers are impressed with how lightweight and easy to put together it is, as well as the bargain price.

400 pound capacity

Suitable for use with Class III or IV hitch receivers

Lightweight aluminium design

Self-storing ramp system makes for quick and easy use

Excellent value for money

Anti-rattle device included

Added spacer pub makes it perfect for us with smaller bikes

  • Brand Dark Widow
  • Model AMC-400
  • Fat 33.5 pounds

Goplus possess chosen to create their motorbike carrier from heavy-duty metal, that provides unrivalled power and capacity. Actually, this carrier may take the largest insert on our list up to now – up to 600 pounds!

Easily installed on your vehicle’s 2” recipient, the carrier has an adjustable steering wheel end that also serves to maintain your bike stable on the road. In addition, it features quick discharge ramps, letting you weight and unload rapidly and securely. It’s so simple to use that customers report the whole operation being a one-man job. Finally, & most importantly, the devices holds your bike securely in place even over rough terrain – whether you’re travelling 40 miles or 400.

600 pound capacity

Suitable for 2” hitch receivers

Solid steel design

Easy to assemble

Quick release ramps make for easy usage

Extremely secure hold for no wobble

  • Brand Goplus
  • Weight 91 pounds

This sturdy hitch carrier, made from a durable powdered steel frame, can help you haul bicycles weighing up to 500 pounds. Whether it’s a mobility scooter, classic motorbike, or dirtbike, the carrier guarantees perfect security because of its anti-wobble locking gadget.

It’s simple enough to assemble as well, and the launching ramp could be mounted on either part for convenient launching. The powder layer for the steel is also impermeable to water, so there’s no need to worry about rusting as you continue to use this solid piece of kit for months and years to come.

500 pound capacity

Suitable for 2” hitch receivers

Constructed from sturdy powdered steel

Features an anti-wobble locking device

Launching ramp could be attached from either aspect

  • Brand Immediate Aftermarket
  • Pounds 58 pounds

If you’re searching for a dirt bicycle hitch carrier, search no further than the small yet sturdy gadget available from VersaHaul. With the capacity of hauling up to 500 pounds, the carrier features four retracting tie-down bars to carry your vehicle safely in place, and a relatively lengthy ramp for much easier loading.

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Since it’s easy to construct and disassemble, the carrier can be convenient to shop when it’s not in use. Each one includes a wheel stop to further secure your bike, and two reflectors to make sure you’re noticed during nighttime make use of. Finally, the carrier is manufactured out of powder-coated steel, and can hold firm also under heavy tons, while also resisting corrosion.

500 pound capability

Ideal for any Course III or IV hitch

Made of powdered metal

Relatively lengthy ramp for easy launching

Could be packed from both edges

Features retractable tie-down bars to prevent your bike from wobbling in transit

Wheel quit and reflectors included

  • Brand VersaHaul
  • Excess weight 15.8 ounces

Made from heavy duty powdered steel, Xtremepower’s motorcycle hauler gives you the stability you need when carrying your bicycle. Ideal simply because an rv motorbike carrier, or on the trunk of your vehicle, this handy device is a versatile choice when it comes to getting bikes from A to B securely.

It’s easy to put together, too, and because of the high quality welding on each component, you won’t need to be concerned about your bike falling through on the move. Customers say that the sturdy construction gives them real peace of mind – the only potential issue to bear in mind is the length of the ramp. It makes for a fairly steep slope, so you may need the help of a friend to load your bike.

500 pound capacity

Ideal for 2” square recipient

Easy to put together

Top quality welding

Ramp stows aside for the carrier itself

  • Brand XtremepowerUS
  • Model 96130
  • Pounds 55 pounds

Earning themselves another i’m all over this our list if Dark Widow, with their MCC-600 heavy duty carrier. As the name suggests, this top-of-the-market model can withstand up to 600 pounds worth of motorcycle without breaking a sweat. This impressive capacity is allowed by the top-end powder-coated metal the fact that carrier is manufactured out of.

Dark Widow also have included a hitch-pin, anti-rattle gadget, and built-in changeable wheel chock, which means that your bike can not only stay in place without any wobble, it will also prevent those rattling sounds that can be the bane of any road trip. It’s easy to use, too – simple to assemble and a breeze to load even by yourself; thanks to its extra-long loading ramp.

600 pound capacity

Suitable for 2” hitch receivers

Includes hitch-pin, anti-rattle device, and adjustable wheel chock

Simple to assemble

Easy to fill and unload, because of an extra lengthy ramp

Created from the best quality powder-coated metal

  • Brand Dark Widow
  • Model MCC-600
  • Pounds 98 pounds

MotoGroup possess managed to create a budget-friendly carrier that really delivers. Their hauler rack utilises lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, which is with the capacity of having up to 400 pounds. This materials also has the benefit of getting resistant to corrosion, with no need for a defensive coating.

The hauler also includes a launching ramp that may be mounted on either aspect, for maximum comfort, along with anti-wobble technology that runs on the program of three locking screws to maintain your bike firmly set up during transport. General, it’s a secure and cost-effective remedy for trucks, RVs, vans, and SUVs.

400 pound capacity

Made from lightweight but durable aircraft-grade aluminium

Compatible with 2” hitch receiver

Ramp can be attached to either part for easy loading

Features an anti-wobble device

Comes with a two year warranty

  • Brand MotoGroup

Raider’s easy-to-use hitch carrier is definitely lighter than many of the options on the market, but not surprisingly it doesn’t bargain on power. The durable body can haul up to 500 pounds, and it’s simple to roll your bike into place up the sturdy ramp, which may be stored for the carrier itself for simplicity.

Once up to speed, the bike can be securely held set up with bold-in videos, avoiding any wobbling or rattling on the road. Customers state that the hauler offers a rock-solid keep, without being challenging to make use of or breaking the lender.

500 pound capability

Easy to assemble and use

Offers a sturdy hold that prevents the bike from wobbling

Ramp can be stored on the hauler itself for convenient use

  • Brand Raider
  • Model TOW-104
  • Weight 45.9 pounds

As their name suggests, Titan Ramps are aficionados of all things ramp-related, so it should come as no surprise that their motorcycle hitch carrier meets the tag. This heavy-duty contraption can haul around up to 600 pounds, putting it among the most powerful on our list.

The ramp included upon this hauler could be quickly stowed aside on these devices itself, therefore there’s you don’t need to get worried about acquiring space in the trunk, or having it move walkabout when you wish to unload your bicycle. The ramp is certainly long enough to supply a relatively soft slope, therefore most users can weight and unload vehicles without any help. Once loaded, the bike stays in place too, thanks to the included wheel chock, so there’s no need to worry even on lengthy journeys.

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600 pound capacity

Compatible with 2” hitch recipient

Ramp is certainly easily stowed apart in the hauler, saving precious trunk space

Longer ramp produces easy launching

Steering wheel chock included, keeping the bike steady during transport

  • Brand Titan Ramps
  • Excess weight 80 pounds

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Buying Guideline & FAQ

And there you have it – if you want to take your motorbike from A to B without the hassle of driving having a truck, these ten hitch companies could make your daily life easier. Although each one of these choices are created to an extremely high regular of safety, you may still find a couple of things to note when purchasing one of these devices.

To help you select a carrier that’s safe for your bike and your hauling vehicle – and to make sure you stay as secure as possible when using it – we’ve used the time to address some common questions and concerns about motorcycle hitch carriers.

10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers (Review)

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Although each one of the companies on our list function just as, there are a few variations between them that you ought to remember to ensure you’re purchasing a hitch carrier that’s suitable for your requirements. Below are the main element things to consider:

  • Powder-coated Metal or Aluminium

The best motorcycle hitch service providers tend to made from one of two metals; aluminium or steel. Aluminium is the lighter of the two metals, and is resistant to corrosion without the need for a covering – it tends to be less expensive than steel, too. Alternatively, steel is more powerful and even more rigid. In most cases, aluminum may be the better choice to carry lighter bikes, as well as for lighter use, whereas powdered metal is the more desirable option for carrying heavier automobiles over longer ranges.

  • Excess weight Capacity

Perhaps the single most important thing to check when selecting your hitch haul system is exactly how many pounds it could comfortably keep. This generally runs between 400 and 600 pounds. When choosing which weight ranking to select, it’s smart to leave yourself plenty of leeway. If you know your bike’s dry weight, be sure to account for fuel for instance.

  • Your Hitch Receiver

All of the trailer hitch motorcycle carriers on our list are made to utilize a 2” hitch recipient, which is rather regular among SUVs, vehicles, vans, and RVs. Nevertheless, it’s smart to check your hitch recipient before making the ultimate purchase to save lots of yourself lots of time and trouble.

Many of these hitch companies come with their own ramp to facilitate loading and unloading – but not all ramps are the same. If you expect to load and unload your bike without any assistance, look out for a carrier with as long a ramp as possible. The longer the ramp, the less steep the slope, hence the less effort required to press your bicycle up it and into placement.

Most companies are appropriate for a fairly wide variety of bicycle sizes, but it’s vital that you check the distance and width from the rack to be sure your tires will fit in the channel, and the bike won’t overhang, before making a purchase.

  • Your Vehicle’s “Tongue Excess weight”

A vehicle’s tongue fat is the fat that its hitch can properly carry – check this limit before mounting a carrier, considering that you’ll need to take into account the fat of the carrier itself as well as the bike you plan to load onto it. Exceeding your vehicle’s tongue excess weight limit is dangerous and should always be avoided.

Another factor likely to impact your decision is usually your budget. A good hitch carrier doesn’t have to cost the planet earth, but similarly, it’s worth trading to a particular degree to make sure you’re obtaining a device created from good quality components, to ensure basic safety and durability. Fortunately, you won’t have to spend a lot more than $100 to get a quality carrier. More expensive models can often handle heavier lots, however.

Benefits of Using a Motorcycle Carrier

Using this type of carrier offers a whole sponsor of benefits compared to other methods of motorcycle transportation – below are an array of the primary benefits that motorbike tow hitches give their users:

  • Motorcycle truck hitch carriers certainly are a effective and safe way to move your bicycle from A to B
  • Hitch providers are the ideal solution in the event that you don’t possess a flatbed vehicle or vehicle to protected your bicycle in, because they can be utilized a multitude of vehicles
  • Holding your motorcycle, mobility scooter, or dirt bicycle on the back of a flatbed truck frees up room for other cargo
  • Mounting your motorcycle in a hitch carrier saves you from resorting to a trailer; trailers could be difficult to operate a vehicle and raise the risk of becoming involved with a road incident
  • Moving your bike onto a hitch carrier is usually a much quicker and easier procedure than correctly strapping it down and attaching a truck
  • Investing in a hitch-mounted carrier is certainly less expensive than investing in a trailer
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How exactly to Install a Motorbike Hitch Carrier

You are able to install a motorcycle hitch carrier yourself at home with only a smattering of DIY knowledge and a couple of tools. Each manufacturer will provide their own instructions, which you should follow properly, however the general set up steps are the following:

You’ll need: a 13mm wrench, and a 17mm wrench

  • Attach the support mounting brackets towards the hitch club using the provided bolts
  • Place the motorbike rack between these two support brackets, and secure with bolds, washers and nuts
  • Slide the anti-tilt bracket over your vehicle’s hitch pub, with its smooth side toward the vehicle
  • Slide the rack into the trailer hitch, and install the hitch pin to maintain it set up
  • Stow the ramp over the carrier (unless it slides apart, much like some versions), attaching using the provided bolt and nut

If in question, talk to the maker or a trusted professional.

10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers (Review)

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier FAQ:

Q: What is a motorcycle hitch carrier?

A: A motorcycle hitch carrier is a device that can be attached to the hitch receiver of your, SUV, truck, or van, allowing you to transport your motorcycle safely.

Unlike other transport solutions, such as for example trailers, hitch companies suspend the bicycle being shifted above the street. Another difference can be that they don’t depend exclusively upon cleverly placed straps to keep carefully the motorcycle from wobbling dangerously, but a wheel chock and sometimes other systems.

Q: Are motorcycle racks legal?

A: Yes, motorcycle racks are legal. The reason why this question sometimes crops up is that while the device in and of itself is perfectly acceptable, using it might result in various other issues, specifically obscuring the permit plate or back again lights.

Laws concerning these matters change from state to convey, but irrespective of where you’re traveling, it’s great practice to make sure your plates are often readable which other motorists and pedestrians can see your automobile. To ensure that is always the situation, you may want to purchase a supplementary license dish and support it onto the trunk of the hitch carrier.

Installing extra LED lights on the back of the carrier is also a great idea from a health and safety perspective. Battery powered lighting are easy to set up and cheap to buy, so can be often the ideal solution for generating using a hitch carrier on your own vehicle at night.

Finally, bear in mind that visibility is important for you the driver, too; using a hitch carrier will likely impede your rear view, so be sure to test thoroughly your blind areas before leaving on a trip – you may want to alter your driving design by depending even more working for you mirrors.

Q: The type of bike can I haul with my motorcycle hauler?

A: This really depends on the carrier you choose, and the type of vehicle you use it with. Below are the questions you’ll have to question when looking at whether your bicycle would work for hauling in this manner:

  • How weighty is my bicycle?

Hitch companies have a lower weight capacity than trailers, so you’ll need to make sure both your car and the carrier are up to the task! Check up on the carrier’s capacity and the hitch’s capacity before transporting your bike using a hitch carrier.

  • How large is my bicycle?

As stated earlier, size issues with regards to hitch hauling your bicycle. It’s vital that you guarantee the rack can be long enough so the bicycle doesn’t hover over the advantage. Measure it thoroughly and check against the manufacturer’s specs before committing to a purchase.

  • How much weight can my Vehicle’s Hitch accommodate?

Although we mentioned this earlier, it bears repeating: failing to stick to the specified weight limit for your vehicle’s hitch is dangerous, and could result in your bike dropping from the rack, which includes the to cause significant damage.

Q: Does it damage my automobile or hitch?

A: No. Supposing you adhere to the fat limitations for your hitch, install it correctly, and weight your bike correctly, you won’t risk damaging your vehicle or the hitch. Whatever carrier you choose will be safe to use as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s guidance and drive with extra caution while in use.

10 Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers (Review)

Our Top Get

Whether you will need a classic motorcycle, mobility scooter, or dirt bicycle carrier, MOST SUITABLE CHOICE have you protected using their anti-tilt hauling alternative. Its exclusive locking device presents unbeatable security against the dangers of wobbling bikes on the road, while its easy-to-use multi-load feature makes mounting your bike from either side a desire.

This strong and versatile transportation solution is capable of having up to 500 pounds, because of being made of sturdy powder-coated metal. Customers like the durable design and the fact that it’s simple to insert – it won’t break your bicycle, or your loan provider!

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